Dispatches from the Isles

  • Malcor Sketch Art – Dec 14, 2017
    This sketch art just came in! Presenting it, I thought it a good time to share the genesis of my writing. Malcor’s Story predates any other book I’ve written. It was the first. Having finished it in early 2015, I then began editing and rewriting it until in 2016 when I thought I would publish it. I gave it to some friends and family. Comments were all positive (as you might hope and expect from people you know). However, some of them said things like, “There’s so much […]
  • Khalla’s Play – The Editing. Dec 12, 2017 update
    A quick search on Google for “help me write” yields 473M results. The same search on “help me edit” gives a meager 377M and it takes 0.2 seconds longer to find fewer results. Though not super helpful in my argument that editing is painful and sucks, it is telling that there is a measurable difference. Khalla’s Play will be as long as Malcor’s Story and covers an epic scope that was a lot of fun to write. In editing, I’m having to painstakingly pick […]
  • Alerius Art and Author Interview
    Khalla’s Play is done and being edited towards publication in December, I hope. More on the risk of a 1-month delay later. I was contacted for an author interview by a blogger called “Authors Interviews.” These are always fun. Sure, it’s no red carpet TV appearance with the stars, but when starting out, everything adds to the energy that eventually becomes success, right? Like blowing on a fire to help ignite, I am glad to be honored and to return respect to anyone […]
  • Possible Next Projects for 2018
    While Tony and Ben are spinning on the Khalla’s Play manuscript, and my advance readers are reviewing, I find myself thinking about next steps. Thanksgiving is not one of those steps, but I am grateful for you, Dear Readers and Friends. The emails, the feedback, the scathing criticisms (not sarcastic here)… they have all helped and added to the experience that is writing these projects. When I begin a new book, I look through all the ideas and outlines and find one that resonates. […]
  • Facebook Author Page Created
    My author page is finally created on Facebook. I was resisting it but a fellow author convinced me I should go ahead and do it. From now on, all my FB posts will originate here on FI and be reshared on my author page. I encourage you to like it, follow it, and interact with me there, or here. Whichever suits your particular dragon type works perfectly for me! Share […]
  • Announcement – Khalla’s Play Cover Art is Here!
    In preparation for the upcoming release (target remains December ’17) of Khalla’s Play, I am happy to present the cover art and jacket of the 5th book entry into the Forsaken Isles. Khalla’s Play follows the events told in Bomoki’s Gate (but does not need to be read in order) and reveals the secret underbelly of the Tanian and Soran societies, where secret agencies and crime families war for the bountiful harvest gleaned by the events told in that book. Meet Khalla. […]
  • Halloween Draweth Nigh
    It’s almost Halloween, and like many in Fantasy, I love Halloween. Every year, I add a few new pieces to my leather armor set. Maybe someday, I’ll splurge and go for plate armor, but what I really want is a heavy studded battle rod that could double as a walking stick. Anymore, you can’t bring but foam stuff to events and the battle rod would look cool and pass muster at Renn Faires and what not. The bodacious hats are what always tempt me. Going through my files, I came […]
  • Status, pools of water, and Alaura
    My readers may have noticed that the Sage Alaura had deep impact on the Tanian society. Like Commander Sean, she served as a foil to Dar Tania at a time when it would have been easy for the barbarian tribespeople to go full military. She showed them, by example, an alternative to rule. Her friendship with Dar, Ana, and most importantly, the Patriarch of Ice Ynt’taris, allowed the country to have a cultural focus not overtly dominated by the military or the Temple. While both remained […]
  • Ynt’taris the Ice Patriarch, a study in micro-communities
    Darko just nailed a sketch of Ynt’taris, one of the 3 dragons ruling Morbatten as the Court of Patriarchs. Ynt’taris is the only eldar dragon known to have lost his consort in the Dragon Wars, which divided the Gates and marked the consistent movement of Time. The site of the ice matriarch’s death is known as the Temple of Glass. Ynt’taris plays an interesting role in my writing. He is canny, unknowable, and bitterly vicious. Of all the dragons, he is one of my favorite […]
  • River of Time Art is Beautiful
    At the end of Dar 2: Set’s Dream, Dar Tania cradles a young Ana on her lap. The dragons can sense an aura of destiny about the child. At that time, they could not have foreseen the powerful love and one-sided rivalry that Ana would develop for Dar. Considering Dar her big sister, Ana grows up hero worshipping her… and determined to impress her. This desire to earn Dar’s regard drives Ana to recreate, to the extent possible, Dar’s life. Like Dar, Ana is pulled out of the […]
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