Dispatches from the Isles

  • Ynt’taris the Ice Patriarch, a study in micro-communities
    Darko just nailed a sketch of Ynt’taris, one of the 3 dragons ruling Morbatten as the Court of Patriarchs. Ynt’taris is the only eldar dragon known to have lost his consort in the Dragon Wars, which divided the Gates and marked the consistent movement of Time. The site of the ice matriarch’s death is known as the Temple of Glass. Ynt’taris plays an interesting role in my writing. He is canny, unknowable, and bitterly vicious. Of all the dragons, he is one of my favorite […]
  • River of Time Art is Beautiful
    At the end of Dar 2: Set’s Dream, Dar Tania cradles a young Ana on her lap. The dragons can sense an aura of destiny about the child. At that time, they could not have foreseen the powerful love and one-sided rivalry that Ana would develop for Dar. Considering Dar her big sister, Ana grows up hero worshipping her… and determined to impress her. This desire to earn Dar’s regard drives Ana to recreate, to the extent possible, Dar’s life. Like Dar, Ana is pulled out of the […]
  • River of Time flowing Onward
    It’s mid-September and I’m 80,000ish words in Merakoran Agenda. It’s fun writing because, at a certain point, the story catches hold of me and starts to write itself. Like a runner’s high, this is my writer’s high. Something about how my brain works requires that most of my 1st draft gets junked as I write to find the story waiting and wanting to be told. Against this, I commissioned art for the River of Time mentioned so much in my writing. While there is a ton of […]
  • Ending of Summer 2017
    Ending of summer is a rough time for me. A lot of unpleasant things have occurred in my life going in September. This year I’m focusing on writing. It distracts but also gives me something to look forward to. It’s been a rough time for the Gulf coast where a number of friends and family got dumped on by Harvey, but are safe and doing well so far. My thoughts are with them. Merakoran Agendas is coming along nicely. Though I cannot say when this book might be ready (I’m […]
  • Dar Tania 2: Set’s Dream Interview on Tellest.com
    Click this link here to view the full interview. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Michael DeAngelo and the Tellest books. Though YA is not my personal thing, my daughters have enjoyed his Mageborn and Dragonspeaker books a lot. ​http://tellest.com/interview-eric-k-barnum-author-dar-tania-2/ Share […]
  • new web domains
    I finally decided that it’s time and picked up the following domains: erickbarnum.com darmalcor.com forsakenisles.com forsakenisle.com While this Weebly domain will remain active indefinitely, I’ll be quietly working to convert all content over to FORSAKENISLES.COM for a consistent web experience with the content of my writing and the worlds they empower. I’m also hard at work on the next book, which for now I’ve titled “Merakoran Agenda.” This story picks up […]
  • Set’s Dream is available
    There will be a promotional discount from 8/2 until 8/12. Share […]
  • It’s almost time: Are you Ready?
    Syliri and Bruce are coming soon. There’s a checklist of things to ensure are done before publishing. Compared to writing the actual story, that checklist is miserable. But, it’s worth getting done. The closer I get, the more I can’t wait to share this tale with you all. August 2nd. Dar Tania 2: Set’s Dream will have a promotional price of $0.99 as an eBook until mid-August. If I could control paperback pricing, I would discount that as well. Share […]
  • Syliri is arriving soon
    I’m working through final proof of Dar Tania 2: Set’s Dream, or what I have been naming “Syliri & Bruce.” For reasons I cannot explain right now, not because I can’t list them off but because the hold this story has on me won’t let go, I am crazy excited about it. I always wanted to tell stories around some of the epic and tragic characters in the Forsaken Isles, while also continuing my arc of powerful female protagonists. Syliri fit the bill and this […]
  • Introducing Ylgolth, The grey Slaad (Anthracos)
    Slaadi are an alien race that dwells in the untended clutter of the Abyss. Able to make themselves look like anything they want (they’re shapeshifters), they usually masquerade as whatever race they’re dwelling with. Morbatten, through the writings of Sage Alaura, recognizes levels of Slaadi as per the power ranking of dragons by color. That is, Green, Blue, Red, Gray, Black. Gray and black are distinctions the Slaadi themselves use and so Tania adopted that after Red. The rest of […]
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