Dispatches from the Isles

  • Book Read Order versus Read What You’d Like When You’d Like To
    Each book contains a foreword explaining the setting for the book. The intent of this is to catch a new reader up so they can enjoy the book out of order. It’s always been a pet peeve of mine to encounter a “trilogy” and find the 3rd book, or even the 2nd book is not yet published with no date in sight. GOT fans know what I’m talking about, am I right?! So, in my own writing, I’ve adopted what I call a “standalone principle.” That is, you should be able […]
  • Commander Sean, Pragmatist Knight of Pha Rann
    While Sean is well-detailed throughout the Forsaken Isles and in the early timeline books, there are certain ideas that he modeled so well they have enduring almost 2,000 years. So, let’s peel the veil back a bit and look at who he was before he joined Morbatten in 1 DAR, before he was “The Commander.” Who was he? What made him tick? How did he become legendary? Sean was born in Ymac, one of many sons in a merchant house. Though smart enough to excel at business, he was […]
  • How Dragons Feel
    The Tanian dragons love treasure. More than gold, they love the furious emotions that burn in the hearts of those who love them. For, while amassing treasure Smaug-style is nice, having treasure that loves and adores you back is far more interesting. It’s what makes these dragons different in their mentoring of the Tanian people. Virginia was cold end of 2017. We had family visit and did pictures. My three-year-old was freezing and so I held her. A blue dragon wouldn’t hug a child. […]
  • Breaking into the Top 1000
    While it might not seem like it, there are some 12,000 authors in the Fantasy genre on Amazon. Some are the big names like Tolkien, Brooks, Martin, and LeGuinn. Others are aspirants like me. With the release of Khalla’s Play, I had a moment where I hit this mark. Like getting the first book out there, or getting your first review, breaking into the top 10%, even if for just a while, is something that made me happy. I hope these stories amuse your days and fire your imaginations. I also […]
  • Khalla’s Play – Official Release Date Jan 1, 2018
    Pick up Khalla’s Play on Amazon here… 487 pages. 200k words. Free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers. $5.99 eBook. $16.75 paperback Like all Forsaken Isles books, you do not need to read others to enjoy this one. However, if you read Bomoki’s Gate, the characters and themes in Khalla’s Play will make more sense The eBook is free from Tues Jan 2 to Fri Jan 5, 2018 To celebrate Khalla’s Play, Dar Tania I is being steeply discounted to $0.99 during this same time period […]
  • Transcendence Festival at the Ending of the Calendar Year
    In the dead of winter, during the end of the calendar year, when DAR becomes Next DAR, the people of Morbatten celebrate Transcendence Day. Though widely known that Dar Tania became Tiamat’s priestess at early autumn, they chose to remember it here. Winter nights are long and cold and the people crave company and comfort. Without prompting by the god emperor, they came together and created this holiday. It is celebrated with retelling of the story of the Horse Tribe, of Dar riding […]
  • Malcor Sketch Art – Dec 14, 2017
    This sketch art just came in! Presenting it, I thought it a good time to share the genesis of my writing. Malcor’s Story predates any other book I’ve written. It was the first. Having finished it in early 2015, I then began editing and rewriting it until in 2016 when I thought I would publish it. I gave it to some friends and family. Comments were all positive (as you might hope and expect from people you know). However, some of them said things like, “There’s so much […]
  • Khalla’s Play – The Editing. Dec 12, 2017 update
    A quick search on Google for “help me write” yields 473M results. The same search on “help me edit” gives a meager 377M and it takes 0.2 seconds longer to find fewer results. Though not super helpful in my argument that editing is painful and sucks, it is telling that there is a measurable difference. Khalla’s Play will be as long as Malcor’s Story and covers an epic scope that was a lot of fun to write. In editing, I’m having to painstakingly pick […]
  • Alerius Art and Author Interview
    Khalla’s Play is done and being edited towards publication in December, I hope. More on the risk of a 1-month delay later. I was contacted for an author interview by a blogger called “Authors Interviews.” These are always fun. Sure, it’s no red carpet TV appearance with the stars, but when starting out, everything adds to the energy that eventually becomes success, right? Like blowing on a fire to help ignite, I am glad to be honored and to return respect to anyone […]
  • Possible Next Projects for 2018
    While Tony and Ben are spinning on the Khalla’s Play manuscript, and my advance readers are reviewing, I find myself thinking about next steps. Thanksgiving is not one of those steps, but I am grateful for you, Dear Readers and Friends. The emails, the feedback, the scathing criticisms (not sarcastic here)… they have all helped and added to the experience that is writing these projects. When I begin a new book, I look through all the ideas and outlines and find one that resonates. […]
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