2018 ELIT Bronze for Best Fantasy Book! 2018 Best Fantasy Author Site!

I’m just going to park this here. Though I already noted this on Facebook, I wanted time for FI to update relevant art and graphics. My next newsletter will note some free e-book giveaways to celebrate these awards so consider sharing this to your friends and encouraging your fantasy groups to subscribe to my newsletter. Just use the Contact form to kick over your email and we’ll add you. It’s that simple. This will be the only time the bigger books, like Bomoki’s Gate at 554 pages, will be free.

ELIT 2018 is out. E-Literature awards are an indie publisher category for content relevant to a calendar year. 2018 awards are for 2017 activities. I was pleased to have all five of my books entered and for fun, checked the box for “evaluate my website.” While Dar Tania, Syliri, and Khalla should have taken best fantasy book awards in my mind – sniff; don’t worry, ladies, your day will come – everything begins somewhere. If you want to see the official page, click the graphic to visit ELIT 2018.

Dar Tania won Bronze (#3) best fantasy book for 2018!

Pinch me. It’s very cool to see my first work having official validation. Why did Dar Tania win versus the others? Book reviews, honestly. Dar has 2.5x more than the other books. Maybe it’s the hopeful cover design squarely in the high fantasy genre? Maybe it’s because Dar is just that awesome that, like me, the judges fell in love with her, kicked Eragon to the curb (the movie, not the books), and said, “Dar gets an award!”

To win these awards was thrilling, but honestly, I’ll take a legit 5 star review from a fan any day. We also took 2018 ELIT Best Author Website. In all ways, FI is like writing and editing a book, but with more contributors. Thank you, Ben, Tony, my beta readers, Darko, and all the other artists. FI is beautiful and rich with content that enhances the world of the Forsaken Isles. Every day, effort by energy, FI becomes a living and breathing place for imagination. I hope it ignites your dreams, Child of Dragons.

If you are a subscriber to FI Dispatches, you got a sneak peak at the amazing new Slaad War art commissioned with Darko. Check it out. The goal of this art is to be the box cover and board game surface of a fantasy battle game where 2 – 5 players acquire Thralls, powers, and ascend their Slaads towards godhood. Betrayal and dark dealing is the name of the game. The player who best embodies the Slaadi motto of “I want all that is mine, and more” wins. I’m nowhere near done on this, but it’s coming along nicely as a labor of love. Hello, Fecundus Slaad. The spiral scars are the source of Slaad infection that turned this mild-mannered Clark Kent into a Chaos-fueled rage machine.