Alerius Art and Author Interview

Khalla’s Play is done and being edited towards publication in December, I hope. More on the risk of a 1-month delay later. I was contacted for an author interview by a blogger called “Authors Interviews.” These are always fun. Sure, it’s no red carpet TV appearance with the stars, but when starting out, everything adds to the energy that eventually becomes success, right? Like blowing on a fire to help ignite, I am glad to be honored and to return respect to anyone starting out. Lastly, Alerius concept art for his human form is done. Alerius is the dragon shown on the book cover of Dar Tania.

My readers know that the Tanian dragons can humanshift. Alerius does so in the form of a giant armored human. He presents a dark confidence and aura of wizardry defied by the heavy plate armor. He uses no weapons and rarely touches the ground in human form. He’s basically an unascended god. All of Morbatten, the plan for Tiamat, everything was his brainchild in the Eldar days in the Time Before Time. As an Eldar, he does not invoke spells with casting, but as a force of will. I give you Alerius, consort of Takhissis, Lord of the Kerchki, and the God Emperor of Morbatten!

Now, what’s this you say about a possible release delay for Khalla’s Play? Comments from beta readers and my editors have surprised me. Where I’m usually told that I write too much, and the book is already 440 pages long at 186,000 words, feedback this time around is that the book is not long enough in parts the readers want. I see this as a good thing and so, when editing is complete and I turn my attention to final copy, I am girding myself up to write more. My goal is still December before Christmas. But, I have to be open to it taking a bit longer. January is worst case. I promise!