"Let my love, Takhissis, conquer the heavens for Tiamat. We shall linger here in Tehra and prepare this world for Her return."

Alerius often chooses to take the form of an armored mage, half again as tall as a human.

Alerius is known by many names:

  • Fire Patriarch of Red Dragons
  • Consort of Takhissis
  • Lord of Enthalpy
  • Flame Star
  • Aler Alerest
  • God Emperor
  • Armored Mage

While most eldar began as dragons, Alerius never abandoned his form. Possessed of a keen will and intelligence, while other eldar trolled creation looking for experiences, Alerius looked for similarly-minded intelligences and formed alliances, perhaps even friendships. When Time first moved and most of the eldar either went insane or left Tehra for other realms far removed from its effects, Alerius assembled what remained of the dragons and created the Goddess called Tiamat.

Since the beginning, Alerius continues his mission. He is fire, passion, and burning will so strong the Heavens might ignite. Heat is infinite, life-giving and taking. This is the dragon.

In the Forsaken Isles, Alerius operates as the god emperor of Morbatten, also called Tania. Viewing life in the world the way a god might, Alerius shapes the culture and politics of Morbatten knowing that he needs to tap the faith and worship of humanity's infinite potential. Known as the archmage Aler Alerest in the ancient days of Merakor, Alerius is a master of eldar (will-based) and mortal (the energy inherent in creation caused by Time's flow) magics. Throughout history, Alerius is also known as the 'Armored Mage.'

In dragon form, Alerius would dwarf a 'normal' dragon, whom Alerius would consider "fallen." Alerius has no specific breath weapon; it's thermal energy. Being energy, Alerius can shape it as he sees fit, and manifest it to suit his desired outcome. He can shapechange, but prefers the form of a giant-sized human wearing full plate armor and mage robes. Standing three paces tall (8' tall), this human form would appear unsettling in its power, confidence, and majesty. Though Alerius is able to suppress the ever-present dragonterror emanating from him, strong emotions break this suppression. Viewing mortals as generational treasure, Alerius 'hoards' mortals into Morbatten in hopes of including their bloodlines with the offspring of Morbatten's heroes.

The god emperor Alerius presents Dar Tania to the people of Morbatten.

Long before Merakor became an empire, Alerius took an interest in a small band of barbarians on the Tsora Isle of the Forsaken Isles. Perhaps out of curiosity, he watched and began to notice that humans, when challenged, grow stronger. He began to note that how humans respond to challenges is a function of age, intelligence, support from the community, and what they called luck. Alerius wanted to remove the luck and undertook a series of experiments that eventually became Morbatten. The first experiment was to help them overcome all challenges. Within a handful of generations, the tribes were so dependent on him that they couldn't function. His next experiment was to withdraw and share knowledge, but not involve himself in the timing or outcome of challenges. This worked well, but the fatality rate displeased him. So, his third experiment, he presented himself as the first challenge so that subsequent challenges could be met with some level of expected success. He quickly noted that those who rose to the challenge he presented, tended to do very well in subsequent ones no matter combat, political, illness, or some other trial. He established this and began organizing the tribes - there were many now - by proficiency... and noted that success at fishing was not a genetic trait, but that some attributes were, like general healthiness, height, and the like. He began mixing in other races, like orcs to see if their strength would be added to the human children. It was. He added elves for dexterity and beauty. Once established, Alerius took a very distant interest in their progress, finding it too tempting to get involved if he was there all the time.

He went to Merakor and studied with the archmages there, eventually becoming one named Aler Alerest.

Alerius' destiny is to ascend to Tiamat's afterlife in the Silver Skies. He hopes to unite fire-breathers (not just dragons) and the remnants of the eldar fire giants, called Kerchki, into his dominion. Within Tiamat, Takhissis is his consort and he desires to impress her with the gift of the Tehran world.