"Most mortals, and too many of my own kind, believe that the might of dragons lies in the rending claw, the gnashing fang, the breath that annihilates, or the eldar magic that comes to us as easily as thought. This is not so.
"The true strength of a dragon flows from its indomitable will. It is a potentially limitless wellspring of power, bounded only by the dragon's own wisdom and temperament. We have power to destroy, to dominate, to seize: of course, these are the birthright of dragonkind, and easy to a dragon's nature. But there is also the power to protect, to preserve, or to nurture. Those powers are dependent on the wisdom to discern and the will to forbear.
"The many who have forgotten this, I call fallen. The few who have not forgotten this, but have chosen to scorn it, I call evil."

The strongest of dragons is the All Father. It is said that Pha Rann created the first dragon. This is not true. Many eldar had continually shifting forms. The All Father perfected the form of the dragon and was soon copied. The titanic size, the wings, the breath weapon, taloned claws... it all spoke to the indomitable will of dragonkind.

Yet, when Time moved, the All Father could not resist aging by will alone. He allied himself, and sought to align all dragonkind to Pha Rann so that the work of creation might continue. Tiamat, his consort, raged against this decision. Her words spoke to the hearts of all dragons when she proclaimed, "Creation bows to the dragon, not the other way around! Do not do this thing!"

Though the All Father claims all dragonkind as his dominion, the truth is only gold and silver dragons amongst the eldar pledged to him. The fallen metallics did not. Most of the eldar pledged to Tiamat. To ensure the Gate of Creation would never fall, Pha Rann entrusted its stewardship to the All Father. While Pha Rann is the Nexus of Creation, he has a mighty bodyguard in the All Father.

Tehrans worshipping the All Father follow these principles of:

  • Uncompromising Will
  • The Right Thing no matter the cost
  • No compromise
  • Uplift of All

They view gold and silver dragons as caretakers of the mortal races and revere them, even the fallen ones, as avatars.