Announcement – Khalla’s Play Cover Art is Here!

In preparation for the upcoming release (target remains December ’17) of Khalla’s Play, I am happy to present the cover art and jacket of the 5th book entry into the Forsaken Isles. Khalla’s Play follows the events told in Bomoki’s Gate (but does not need to be read in order) and reveals the secret underbelly of the Tanian and Soran societies, where secret agencies and crime families war for the bountiful harvest gleaned by the events told in that book.

Meet Khalla. Though not a human, she is more human than elf in her appearance. Pointy ears and a preternatural dexterity give her away as one. She ended Bomoki’s Gate as the head of Morbatten’s Thieves Guild. The former head earned a one-of-a-kind treasure map and they’re trying to put together a team to go and get the treasure. While the criminal underworld churns and roils, Khalla tries to help with the team, do her job for Tania, and uncover some secrets of her own. Let’s be honest: Tolkien did not write Elves. He presented anti-vampires who would make excellent ninja assassins. Khalla’s Play is their story. I’m thinking this will be a 2-part story, but my muse is already whispering that the tale of Merakor will be 3 books.

So, welcome Khalla’s Play! Disclaimer: There may or may not be vampires in this story. If there are, they will not sparkle like rainbows. Khalla is not clumsy and totally lacking in skill.