Anyone play?

I play in a regular Dungeons & Dragons campaign. This should come to none of my readers as a shock as I would imagine D&D’s influences are heavy in my writing. When I’m not DM’ing, I tend to play clerics and paladins. Recently, my group switched from 2E to 5E and it’s been interesting.

Some observations… I get that TSR’s owning company wants to create a consistent standardized gaming system. I really do. And, they have done a fantastic job of it with 5E. The sameness of it is really kind of pulling at me though. Sometimes, I wonder if they didn’t run all the character classes through a computer simulator to tweak the rule set and ensure that damage per second would be capped by level and equivalent in as many possible rule sets and min/max scenarios as possible.

I remember 2E firing my imagination, largely in part because of all the gaping holes in rules and content. It forced a lot of improvisation. The 5E framework has removed all of that. So, I’m feeling the absence a lot.

Given I’m in the middle of Merakor 2 – crossed 95,000 words the other day – a lot of this is in my mind. After all, with the events of Bomoki’s Gate behind them, the metaphor of a massive rule change is kinda sorta on the table, right?

Here’s the game… generally we shoot for Saturday evenings to play for about 4 hours. I was introduced to the group by a friend. When everyone shows up, there are 5 players and the GM. We’ve rotated GMs, 4x now and dabbled in a Traveler game and other shenanigans like Ogre and Munchkin when we are missing 2 of the 5 players. Tomb of Annihilation is on the menu right now. I’m playing a gold dragonborne paladin who is about to hit 4th level in the Oath of Vengeance.

If you play, what’s your set up and preferences?