AKA "Marcello"
Head of Perdition, Thieves Guild of Morbatten

First Appearance: Bomoki's Gate
“You’ve come here for a reason great patriarch, but I do not want to assume it is regarding compensation.”

Ash failed out of paladin training when he was 16 years old. It was part of a plan to move him into Perdition, Tania's Theives Guild. This guild operates more like how the CIA, NSA, and FBI work in the USA. They have two charters:
- Regulate the black market for bloodstones as a way of fixing market prices
- Ensure the Dar never become so powerful that they are actually too powerful

Identified and groomed by Daryx, Ash quickly rose to replace the head of the Theives Guild and became the next Marcello, a name reserved for the head of Perdition. His charming nature, intelligent if reckless tactics, and deep understanding of what makes Tania tick, positioned him well to assist the dread lord Ynt'taris in Bomoki's Gate. Also, while working his way up through the ranks of Perdition to cell leader, Ash travelled extensively throughout the Isles and befriended, and adventured for a time, with a Taysoran named Grant Halavar, who later became head of the crime family named Rogue's Guild in Taysor.

Ash relies on magic almost too much, but is credited for innovations like the passhand disc, which creates a small hand-sized portal on physical objects. This allows the user to open doors, unlock windows, and pilfer items. Also, Ash was the first human Marcello to figure out how to work with the Taurans to smuggle Isle' goods overseas. Ash became Marcello at the age of 27 when he was tasked with executing Dar Kell. At the conclusion of the Kell Conflict, Ash decided not to and therefore allowed Rojo to end the conflict peacefully. Not many know this. In a life replete with epic adventures, Ash became a Dar and began using life-extending magic the year after. Handsome, smooth-talking, and possessed of a devil-may-care attitude, Ash won over the hearts of many a priestess.

Daryx speaks highly of Ash. To help check Ash's ego, Daryx arranged for a check and a test before finally, after hundreds of years, turning over Perdition to someone else, to Ash. This check and balance is Khalla. Khalla is an elf groomed by Daryx to take over Morilon's Theives Guild.