Soldier, 19th Bloodstone Legion

First appearance: Bomoki's Gate
“I’m sorry my lady, it’s just that my whole life, I always knew I’d be best as a fighter. When I fight for the Queen, I feel it is right."

Born in the Baronies, Ayden grew up on the wild frontier of Tania. When just 9 years old, her family was attacked by gnoll raiders. Only by taking her father's sword and with luck was she able to protect her baby brother. She watched her parents be taken for food. Not shown in this art, artist credit to Dominik Wasieńko for a completely stellar warrior, is the left-side facial scarring that occurred when the gnolls tried to pull Ayden out of their cabin by her face.

A contemporary of Malcor, Ayden entered the Military a year before Malcor joined the Order of Water. She walked from the Baronies right to the Soldier's Fort. Though Tania tested her at that time, and she excelled on all accounts - ranking for priestess and paladin, Ayden knew soldiering would be her career. She declined offers to join the paladin and priestess ranks.

A two-handed weapons specialist, Ayden mastered the sword quickly. Her winning personality, efficient leadership, and ruthless tactics earned Legion Commander Verit's respect, and the battle priest Tembri's heart.

Like Malcor, Tembri, and Seline, Ayden joined the 19th Legion for the confrontation with the Jade God, told in Bomoki's Gate. The Military is most often headed by a paladin like King Rojo. However, there is active speculation that Ayden will be the first soldier to take control of the Military. This notion is endorsed by Malcor. So far, the Temple and the Circle have remained silent on the topic.