“Yes, I remember. In the war between Mother and Father, a third rose up. The Blind One.”
- Cor'tanos, Bomoki's Gate

When an unaligned dragon master of magic becomes a lich, you get the Blind Dragon of Merakor. This beast is called "blind" because no one knows its name and its destruction seemed to have no pattern or discernible objective beyond murder for the sake of killing.

The Blind Dragon is credited with driving all sentient races of Merakor into an alliance that therefore resulted in what Merakor would someday become. Merakor was actually 2 empires. Old Merakor was destroyed by the Blind Dragon. The survivors of that Empire kindled what became new Merakor, or what Merakor is now remembered as. From the survivors of the Old Empire, came the heroes that eventually defeated and founded the human kingdom of Lyrion.

No one is sure what kind of dragon the Blind Dragon was before becoming a dracolich. Always accompanied by lightning, many speculate he was a blue or maybe even silver dragon. Both metallic and colored dragonkind reject this notion. The archmage Aler Alerest offered the hypothesis that the Blind Dragon was actually an eldar who refused to join the Dragon Wars and was powerful enough in its own right to endure Time, and stay hidden.

The elven triopolis was said to be beautiful... a singular gem of three cities for the three elven races that gleamed in the forests of Shorin. One night, during a brutal thunderstorm, the Blind Dragon attacked from the west. Only those in sactified places, or who were lucky enough to be traveling or sheltering near what would later be known as world trees, endured the attack. Though its breath weapon looks like lightning, the disintegration it caused and the wraiths that took shape from its fell energy continued the battle for decades after the attack.

Even now the elves wonder, "Why? What drew it to us? Surely the human kingships and their advanced magic in Arati, or the gnomes and their science in Xastro, or the dwarves and their vast earthen treasures could have been targets. What made it choose us?"

The attack hit Shorin first, then Kinpeace, then the mighty Havkor last. The ensuing storm eventually passed with many fatalities, but a plague the wraiths lingered. Certain artefacts went missing that night and 1/5th of all the elves perished. The royal family of Pajor has not said which artefacts vanished, but this is known: the royal diadem of Startide, the staff of Law held by all Pajors, and the library of Havkor in its entirety were never seen again.

Terest Nostram, the great paladin hero of Lyrion, is credited with slaying the Blind Dragon and also creating what became New Merakor, or just Merakor. A young knight in the Old Empire of Lyrion, Terest raised banners throughout the land and assembled an army of heroes. They followed the trail of destruction and eventually found the Blind Dragon, though they never found its lair. Their battle shook the heavens. The remains of the Blind Dragon were harvested and made into armor and fetishes to ward off future attacks by dracoliches. Still, after rumors began to swirl about Terest's corruption, some speculated that the entire story was made up as a way of propping the morale of the humans in Lyrion. As years passed with no renewed attack, the Blind Dragon's defeat grew more accepted. The Third Coming of the Blind Dragon became a trope in Merakoran art and story-telling... it would come to take misbehaving children, or to topple corrupt politicians. The ultimate boogeyman, the Blind Dragon has not been seen but, among the writings of the archmagi, various passages from extraplanar conversations tell of the Dragon's ongoing existence and endless hunger to consume Tehran life.