Mage, lich, hellhound

First appearance: Dar Tania II
"This is magic I have not yet been taught. Someday. Someday it will all be mine."

Born in -32 DAR, Bomoki struggled to find a master in Taysor that would instruct him for very long. Possessed of a keen, if impatient intellect, Bomoki leaped at the chance to apprentice to a dragon. Alerius, and later Spark, took Bomoki on and tasked him as a test for years with using magic to enhance Morbatten. Alerius had long before perfected the magic of binding elementals into civic systems, like water elementals in waterways/sewers and earth elementals into roads and buildings. The dragons taught Bomoki how to do elemental binding and relegated much of the empire's early work to Bomoki. By 5 DAR, they brought him into the Gate Project.

As Bomoki reached his late 40s, he began to grow restless with the Gate's slow progress and began to devote much of his time to finding ways to make it go faster. Eventually, he stumbled across a "helper" who gifted him a ram's head wand to augment his power and to assist with the correct creation of the Chaos Gate's locator runes. This is how Bomoki went from being a middling mage in his 40s to one of the most notorious and infamous of all liches. However, Bomoki's devotion to the Jade God did not become apparent until the First Cascade, which occurred in 380 DAR.

Between 5 and 380 DAR, Bomoki also established the Mages Guild of Morbatten, and set the precedent for practices that even today Taysor considers reckless.