Breaking into the Top 1000

While it might not seem like it, there are some 12,000 authors in the Fantasy genre on Amazon. Some are the big names like Tolkien, Brooks, Martin, and LeGuinn. Others are aspirants like me. With the release of Khalla’s Play, I had a moment where I hit this mark. Like getting the first book out there, or getting your first review, breaking into the top 10%, even if for just a while, is something that made me happy. I hope these stories amuse your days and fire your imaginations. I also had my first mediocre review – another milestone, from someone who clearly has not read the books. I do not make sexual orientation a predominant part of any of my writing; it’s fascinating the reader felt this way.

Here’s a review from Khalla’s Play I thought worth sharing.

From Celia on January 3, 2018: “Eric K. Barnum has the mind of a true visionary. Ever radiant and always unconventional, Barnum’s fantasy worlds are not for the faint of heart, and they are especially not for those who are looking for a quick procession of empty action scenes that are heavy on superficial blockbuster tropes and entirely void of any human depth. Because when you begin to read a book by the author, it will become clear that you have stepped into a world full of hidden meanings and mythological symbols, a world where almost anything is possible, and where the search for something greater than ourselves can become an intoxicating reality.”