Brook Summerstone – Yes, Tiamat has a Druidic Order

In Dar Tania 2: Set’s Dream, Dar Tania meets Brook Summerstone. Liberated from ogres and cannibals at the end of Dar Tania 1, Brook watched her parents and many of the Halflings in her colony be eaten alive by their captors. It filled her heart with despair. She resigned herself to dying horribly. Even after the Tanians saved them, the surviving colony suffered from suspicion and fear. Assuaging this paranoia is why Alerius wanted to ensure everything was by the numbers, and promises were kept exactly.

Even though the Halflings’ situation immediately improved, Brook harbored a latent vengeance in her heart that began to poison her. She craved action, retaliation, and yet knew it was not the way of her people. In Tiamat, she found a rekindled power to protect her own and transformed her deathwishes into guardianship. Brook became the first druid of Tiamat in the Isles.

On her way to meet with Dar, she used her first druid spell… to find a companion from the woodlands of Home. Her spell summoned Fist of Graves, a hill giant marked for Slaad infection. Brook’s spell and friendship helped Fist shake Set’s Dream. Fist and Brook now go everywhere together, all the way to Morilon to meet and train with the Green Dragon Patriarch, Mallaforax.

Please welcome illustrator, Mike Smith. Mike is also taking the lead on FI’s Vampire project. Standing on Fist’s forearm, Dar shows Brook a future in Tiamat’s embrace. Fist looks at converted and transcended Brook, firm in her faith and ready to take on the world.