Ranger of Krentismar, Scout for the Empire of Morbatten

First Appearance: Dar Tania II
“Where’s the fun in that? Sure, we could get Amulets or Potions of Flight and skip all this stuff, but I like the natural world. It’s slippery.”

Born in -25 DAR, Bruce trained as a ranger in service to Pha Rann but found its focus on civilization building too cumbersome. He left and, through a pilgrimage, found the God of Tehra, Krentismar. After re-dedicating himself to the natural world, Bruce built a reputation as a scout for the Pragmatist Order of Pha Rannic Paladins. Third son of a merchant family, Bruce had no prospects for success within Taysor, yet his heroic reputation, skill with sword and bow, and penchant for adventuring flipped him into minor celebrity.

He met the famous paladin Commander Sean in -5 DAR. Together, they quested into the Sea of Glass and retrieved artifacts thought lost there on the edge of the Shadow Realms surrounding Ool. Their friendship is often pointed to in their legend as something everyone should aspire for. "Different gifts, just like Sean and Bruce" is a Soran adage in Malcor's time. Bruce's impact in Sora is overshadowed by his impact in Morbatten where his demeanor, bearing, and patient pursuit of strategic advantage became the model for Tanian rangers.

His impact to Tsora is overshadowed by that in Tania, where his unequivocal love of the medusa Syliri left a romantic foil for the love between Dar Tania and Sean. Though not visible, Syliri had a prominent role in the early empire of Morbatten and then faded around the same time as Bruce vanished. There are stories, recorded in the Book of Dragons, where various priestesses and sages asked after Bruce. In one verse, Alerius is said to have grown sad. In reply, he said, "There is no statue for the great ranger on the Monument of Heroes, is there?"

Still later, another Dar priestess wrote that, "While lost in thought and studying the great enemies of Tania in the garden of stone, I spied a yellow light from an area where no light should have been. Quietly, I walked back and saw the heartbreaking sight of Syliri. She caressed a handsome statue and wept stone tears. Heavy in heart, I contemplated the agony of the eldar and why they must, at all times, guard their aloofness."

In Malcor's age, the common thought is that Bruce remains alive in Syliri's petrification with only minutes of his life left before he falls to Set and Chaos. Syliri takes what moments she can in their Dream and, like a stone, Bruce skips across the ages of time. In the rare moments that anyone interacts with Syliri, her grief is apparent, but sometimes, after visiting Bruce, she is almost happy. In 605 DAR, more information about Bruce became available through a new ally and suddenly books about Bruce's life, penned by Syliri, began to appear. They tell of his early life and adventures as a fighter, sworn to Imperius, before he found Krentismar. The stories are fast-paced but carry themes of patience, heartache across space and time, and a message that even the monstrous may be loved.