Calvin has Art!

Calvin of Klenna poses in Dockside with his paladin shield

Calvin, born the son of the prominent mayor of Klenna, grew up with the best things in life. He jumped at the chance to join Tiamat’s Order of the Shield (bodyguard and protector unit for siege equipment and VIPs) but was expelled by his mentor for failing to understand key doctrines. Calvin found himself in the City Watch of Morbatten assigned to the poor area of Dockside, where he appointed himself Captain. Having come from the Temple of Tiamat none of the other Watch Officers were willing to challenge him. That Calvin had joined the Temple of Tiamat at the same time as another paladin candidate from the same village who excelled and become a hero in the most prestigious Order (now King of Morbatten – Malcor Kel’Tayris), makes Calvin feel second rate and exiled from ever returning home by this comparative failure.

Handsome and lackadaisical, Calvin’s good looks and understanding of higher society enables him to get away with more than he should. A skilled fighter, Calvin could be a paladin but lacks conviction and faith in himself though he is not above name dropping his connection to the king. More than this, he prefers to rely on other’s. Outside the Temple, he fell in love with a mage where he became addicted to charm magic as a way to make it through his Watch duties; he would have her charm him to ensure he could “bear the ennui” of a normal person job.

Calvin has been so successful in his job as Watch Captain that the people of Dockside elected him Mayor. All he needs now is a quest of glory to name him hero, and he can reclaim all that was lost when he was expelled from the Temple… or so he thinks.

Special thanks to Nsikak Udofia for this excellent portrayal of Calvin. Check him out on Facebook!