Coming Friday 3/30/18 – “The Healer’s Making”

You were told. You were warned. You were begged… to JOIN MY NEWSLETTER and it’s not too late! Besides early and exclusive content, newsletter subscribers will also receive free access to novellas set in the Forsaken Isles. The first – The Healer’s Making – marks part I of the first Creation anthology. If you’re not familiar with my parlance, there are 3 Nexus Gates in my world that loosely line up with Heaven/Creation, Hell/Warp, and Abyss/Chaos. I’ve already drafted the next two Creation anthologies and will be releasing them when ready.

Here’s the skinny. Each novella will be released as a standalone ebook on Amazon – free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers as always. When all three are published as ebooks, they’ll be gathered into an anthology and published in both paperback and ebook format. Then, we’ll tackle Warp and Chaos later and next.

The Healer’s Making follows a fallen paladin many years before the timeline in my other books. As the ancient civilization of Merakor falls, The Healer’s Making paints a few vignettes of that nation’s last gasping breaths and how any of them survived to come as refugees to the Forsaken Isles. Follow the Nameless Priest of the new god, Braden, as he gathers survivors together and crosses half the vast continent to rescue the last archmage of Merakor and defy the Drow armies ensuring the surface world is dead. Braden is a heavenly creation god who controls the dominion of Healing… magic, divine, regenerative, and natural healing processes.

If in print, 41 pages. 19,000 words. Ebook price on Friday $0.99. Free to newsletter subscribers who will be given a download link in either PDF or MOBI format in Friday’s newsletter.