Creation I – Tales of Goodly Might is Available in Paperback and eBook Format

Effective December 24, 2018, Creation I – Tales of Goodly Might became available for select beta readers and proudly boasts its first 5 star review with more to come. This anthology brings the novellas published throughout 2018 together into a single book. It’s great for those of you too lazy to pick up the novellas from the newsletter or to subscribe – for shame! The paperback is 205 pages and costs $8.99. The ebook will be $2.99 but is on sale right now for $0.99.

For a limited time, the ebook is $0.99. Don’t delay. This ends without warning in early January.

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The cover art is fantastic – special thanks to Darko. Ben and Tony did a great job with editing as always. The focus of this project was to shine a heavenly light on the pantheon of Creation/Good and showcase the heroes and mythologies that sometimes stand with, sometimes against, the main stories told in the other Forsaken Isles books.

Because I’m not a full-time author, I have to carefully budget my time writing and enjoyed these novellas quite a lot. The Healer’s Making and Everyday Angels felt like Level and Power Up moments to me. The other stories came from Bomoki’s Gate and Khalla’s Play where tangents and secondary story arcs were edited out, but screamed to be told.

Links good press and it’s fun to see how things spread on the internet after just a few days:

I can guarantee there will be more novellas touching on Warp/Evil and Chaos/Abyss next. From having read FI, what stories would you like to know more about? Here are some I’m dying to tell…

  • Corth K’Ven – the Lord of Wyverns and Scrying, and his Courtship of Dar Ana
  • Daryx, Ana, and the Lost Legions
  • Conquest of the Valley of Bloodstone
  • Invri Vel
  • The Two Brothers War : Kargoth and Cuthbert
  • The Breaking of the Temple of Glass
  • Fist of Graves
  • Mallaforax and the World Tree
  • Screem and the Imperial Bloodstone
  • Ana Frees Bvophoran Mael aka Crimson Burning
  • The Hag and the Butterfly – a Tale of DemosGorgos