CREATION: Temple of the Golden Serpent, 48 page Novella launch!

Check out what friends of the Forsaken Isles are already saying! This week and the rest of July, it’s on sale at $0.99. Novellas are always free for the Children of Dragons (newsletter subscribers; if you want in, drop me a PM on Facebook or use FI’s Contact page to provide your email address).

The novellas are a great way to dip your toe into the Forsaken Isles if larger books scare you or you’re unsure of “that level” of commitment.

Michael DeAngelo of Tellest and JC Kang of the Dragon Songs – thank you!

Golden Serpent is set a year after the events transpiring in Bomoki’s Gate. The Literalist Order of Pha Rann is stretching abroad to a new continent named “Western Lands” (because it is westward of the minotaurs’ empire). The Literalists encounter a new and strange religion that looks holy, acts holy, but has some strange practices. Little do they know what this new land of Pel Paijan holds in store for them!

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