Creation: The Temple of the Golden Serpent. 48 page novella on Amazon Saturday July 14, 2018!

The Golden Serpent comes to Amazon Kindle on Saturday July 14th! But, if you’re a newsletter subscriber, you’ll get a free download for it as a MOBI or PDF file on Wednesday July 11th! Like The Healer’s Making, this novella focuses on an aspect of the Forsaken Isles and follows it, high fantasy style, to conclusion. In this one, you’ll join Jerranic, a Literalist battle priest, as he and his party of Pha Rannic worshippers encounter a strange and beautiful religion that worships the Golden Serpent. If you’re tired of the trope that Hell Lords have human worshippers, ala a Faustian Gambit, or some other “deal with the devil,” then you’re going to love this novella. The pantheon of the Forsaken Isles is rich with devils, demons, and divine – the 3Ds – but they’re not given the typical treatment. Expect more from your fantasy!

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