"Aler Alerest wished to understand the Beast of the Abyss. He summoned Demos-Gorgos to Tehra. 
"Demos appeared as a small boy, fat and chubby. The boy looked around, eyed the summoning circle and sat down to draw on the stone floor with his finger. 
"Gorgos appeared as a wizened crone, stooped and bent with age. She pointed an overly long and knotted finger to the archmage and drooled. 'You bring us here for your amusement, dragon?!'
"Aler Alerest bowed low and said, 'You see my true form. Impressive. I shall increase my wards, next time.'
"Demos looked up, hope illuminating his face. 'How many next times?'
"Gorgos backhanded the boy and shrieked, 'No next times!' The boy rubbed his head and scooted away to the edge of the circle. 
"Though Demos stopped at the circle's edge, Aler Alerest noted that Demos crossed the line of the warding glyphs and did not even notice, or care. 
"Not wishing to tempt fate, Aler Alerest said, 'With great respect to the Beast of the Abyss and the Gate of Chaos, I live to serve. For one question and one answer, what would the great Demos and mighty Gorgos require?'
"Demos picked his nose. 'A next time.'
"Gorgos growled moving to backhand the boy and then looked sidelong at the armored mage. 'You wish to ask us a question? For an answer, I require your destruction.'
"An illusion exploded behind Aler Alerest showing the armored mage summoning Demos-Gorgos over and over. As each illusion appeared, the scenario repeated and then split to start over again like a chorus round. Gorgos eyed it and rage seethed from the hag as she lunged forward to claw at Aler Alerest. The armored mage did not move, but did see Demos reinforce the warding glyph. The circle cracked and hissed when Gorgos struck it, but held. Gorgos glowered at the mage and after several minutes, said, 'I require that you not summon us again.'
"Demos perked up and asked brightly, 'What is your question, Alerius?'
"'I want to kill Set. What happens to the Gate of Chaos when Set dies?'
"Demos burst into laughter. 'I would have killed Set already if I knew!'
"Gorgos frowned and then joined the laughter. 'Everything. Nothing. We do not know!' The hag collapsed into Demos' arms with deep laughing till they both rolled onto their backs and said, in one voice: 'Set's death would free us.'
"As they faded back to the Abyss, a single page blew into existence before the circle closed. The page said: 'Demos may be summoned by invoking his full name. Write your name and know more, wizard. For what, would you know?'"
Sage Alaura, Conversations with the God Emperor

Demos & Gorgos... has some really cool artwork out there. Look it up as "demogorgon." These are actually two separate entities bound together by purpose and also because they cannot figure out how to share the Gate of Chaos. When purpose unifies them, there are not many eldar more powerful than they. Singly, they are devastating.

  • Demos is the Creator, the manipulator, the spawner of things new, the augmentator and experimenter. Demos most often appears as something a viewer would perceive as non-threatening and innocent.
  • Gorgos is the Destroyer, the beast of apocalypse, the bringer of rage. He most often appears as something terrifying.

Controlling the Gate of Chaos, Demos-Gorgos is not confined to a single form and freely shapeshifts. During most of Merakor, the two traveled together as a little girl (Demos) and a bodyguard (giant armored warrior covered in tattoos and scars). While Demos has a sense of Time, Gorgos does not, seeing it as an aid to destruction.

Any creative or destructive potential can be altered by Demos-Gorgos. Depending on which one is most active in the dual union, varies the interaction. A wounded fighter, whose body is already healing or trying to heal, might be augmented by Demos to have starfish type properties. At first, the regeneration might be very welcome... until the fighter begins reproducing asexually, like a starfish. That same fighter, encountering Gorgos, might bleed out instantly... or be raised into a revenant to take revenge on those who hurt him. It really just depends on what type of mood both are in when encountered.

Remember, Chaos is neither inherently good or evil. That being said, mutation is almost always destructive and benign creation requires a level of focus and design missing in chaotic permutations of what might be. As such, the Abyss and Demos-Gorgos both represent a terrible potential for abuse of power. Anything they do is always overpowered and this also has additional consequences. The starfish fighter's offspring might hate humans and try to destroy them... replacing them with the new superior race. And so forth.

Demos-Gorgos does not have worshipers. Though cults pop up trying to worship him, Demos-Gorgos lacks the focus to sustain worshipers and they move on. With or without disciples, Demos-Gorgos is terribly powerful.

There is a story told from Merakor where a hero wandered in search of evil. He found himself high in a mountain valley. There, wildflowers spontaneously burst forth in vivid colors while butterflies danced in the air. It was so beautiful that the hero wept. While marveling at it, he spied a young girl dancing in the butterflies and running through the flowers. No sooner did he notice her than he also noticed a dark unicorn standing behind the child on a hill. The dark unicorn reered up and clawed at the air with its hooves, but did nothing. Suddenly, the girl stood before the hero and took his hand. "Come, see the pretty flowers," she said.

Together, they walked into the meadow. "They are pretty," the hero said. His words made the girl giggle and she began to run, urging him to run with her. They ran faster and faster and faster until the world seemed to blur with their speed. Suddenly, the hero noticed the dark unicorn ran with them.

"Hurry, don't let Gorgos catch you!" the girl cried out.

Realizing he ran with Demos and Gorgos, the hero prayed to Pha Rann but felt cut off. Demos caught his hand and said, "There is no god here except us." At her words, the hero ascended to the First Rite and was never seen again, until a 1000 years later when he reappeared just in time to save a small village from being destroyed by quicklings in the Kinslayer Wars.