Digital Dar Tania game-ified

My friend, Michael DeAngelo at Quantum Quest, will be putting Dar Tania as a playable character into the digital version of the game. I won’t tell you where (pssst… it’s further in as befits a high level priestess of Tiamat). She looks really good, huh?

Against this, I realize it has been some time since I posted an update. I wish I could tell you that the Merakor book is done; it’s not. I wish I could you that that the next novella is done – Tiamat’s Heresy; it’s not. I wish… well, no point. My IRL job has been super busy and my oldest daughter is going through college applications – she got into all but 3 of her applied to schools! So, between all of that, time just vanishes. If I were to wish, I would wish to fall back out of the River of Time –

I have a burning fiery desire to write and finish Khalla’s Play 2: Disakcion. If I had time to focus, I think I’d be able to finish, edit, and finalize in 3-5 months. So, it’s close! So close! Hang in there. It’s not all work and adult life.

I’ve continued to build onto the Hobgoblin Lore in the Forsaken Isles. That has been really fun. For example, did you know that… like I’d say it here.

…Okay, fine. Ylgolth did not really truly die. I mean, he’s a Slaad. For a Slaad to die, really die, you have to eradicate ALL of the clones and other colors of the same type. The climactic ending of Dar Tania 2: Set’s Dream might have suggested to you how truly awesome a feat it might have been to end Ylgolth permanently.

So, what does this have to do with a more contemporary Virenese Hobgoblin empire nestled south of Morbatten and west of The Quat Orcs? If only, we knew!