Ending of Summer 2017

Ending of summer is a rough time for me. A lot of unpleasant things have occurred in my life going in September. This year I’m focusing on writing. It distracts but also gives me something to look forward to. It’s been a rough time for the Gulf coast where a number of friends and family got dumped on by Harvey, but are safe and doing well so far. My thoughts are with them.

Merakoran Agendas is coming along nicely. Though I cannot say when this book might be ready (I’m targeting end of the year best case, early Feb worst case), I’m 52k words into it and I can see the framework of a really great story coming together. After all, someone has to tell the story of Tanians who are not priestesses, dragons, or mages!

Writing today, I was thinking about how frustrating and blessed it would be to have access to so much magic, but also not be able to use it. The story of Marcello, as told in Bomoki’s Gate, opened up this channel and so Merakoran Agendas will follow Marcello/Ash and Khalla as they try to deal with the aftermath of the Jade God’s fall… and assemble a team that can survive Merakor. Merakor fell 3,000 years ago to the drow. No one really knows what has happened to that place since as no one has gone back except the Court of Patriarchs and a high priestess for brief moments to use the Temple of Glass.

Khalla really shines in this story. In Bomoki’s Gate, she took control of the Tanian Theives Guild, called Perdition, and rallied the cells to go to Bloodstone. Though the spotlight did not shine on them in that story, Khalla had a few moments and I hope you liked her. The world needs a strong Elven maid. By the way, the picture up above is not Khalla. That’s a picture that goes with my ending of August mood these days.

​Here are some great depictions of Khalla that I think she would really love to pick up if the artist were identifiable.