Everday Angels – Last of the Nexus of Creation Novellas is Available!

Join Ceane. She’s a nonconventional paladin. You see, she’s in her 30s. She lost her children to disease and her husband to war. She never had access to the gods. She never knew the healing touch of a cleric. But, after struggling to find meaning through it all, she was touched by an Angel of Imperius. This novella is set just after the story shared in Bomoki’s Gate. Ceane is studying with her Angel in the Temple of Imperius when the Tanian Queen Ora, and the Ice Dragon Ynt’taris visits to investigate why a bloodstone gem was not remanded to the war effort told in Bomoki’s Gate.

Ceane witnesses a series of events that unfold in the Temple and plays a key role in uncovering a dark horror lurking near the Temple of Angels. Pick up a copy today. At 51 pages, this story introduces the defining religious faith of Good and breaks the paladin trope to a million pieces. You’ll love Ceane and how the Angels partner with the paladins to fight evil.

Always free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers, Everyday Angels is just $0.99. Also, in time for fantasy readers in your live is the paperback and e-book anthology of all these stories. Stay tuned for its release date!