Game of Thrones Comments for Season 8 Penultimate Episode

Hi Everyone,

I’m going to say it straight up. I did not like the books all that much. I struggled with A Song of Ice and Fire several times before powering through it years ago and then read the next three out of a sense of duty and because I was vested,… and because RA Salvatore had not yet released new Drow books. The continual shifting focus on this group vs that one and so on… I could go on, but will not. I want to talk about the HBO TV Series.

Without the ability to binge watch this and a wife who really likes it, I would never have made it through Days of Our Lives in Fantasy. There’s not nearly enough magic for my liking. That’s my hang up. Sorry. Everytime someone refers to GoT as “fantasy”, I die a little inside. GoT is 90% not fantasy at all. It’s a violent soap opera baby mama drama.

Brienne of Tarth and Jon Snow have been the only characters I consistently like. Ser Jorah and Tormund take close second. All of them because they have a code of honor and stick to it like paladins and, in that vein, remind me of something actually fantastical.

So, we get into Season 8 and everyone in the world is sad because Danaerys fell into madness too quickly, or because she or Jamie, or whoever acted out of character. I submit to you all that the TV series has been remarkably consistent with only a few gaping out of character flaws. I give you the biggest:

Leaving Dragonstone undefended to fight the Night King in the North… and when they return, they failed to send advance scouting parties. This allows Euron Greyjoy’s navy, which must have ninja like stealth ship powers, to ambush and kill one of the dragons.

That, right there, is where – if I am Danaerys – I go insane and torch all of my military advisors. I’d scream it in their faces: “Euron’s navy wiped out my navy! They cost us Highgarden and Dorn! Why did not a single one of you consider this might happen given how close Dragonstone is to Cersei?! Hmmm? Drackaris!”