God of War and Khalla Update

the God of War, unrelenting

Another note from a reader of The Healer’s Making is telling me that there is plenty of room in the universe for a pacifist god of healing. The key resonator is similar to other notes: 1) the transformation of one possessed by Kargoth (that guy shown in the art) to a healer god Braden, 2) Velspren’s love story, and 3) the writing style. It felt daring to challenge my writing style in this novella. I’m feeling emboldened to do another!

On a personal note, I’d like to give a shout out to a Mr. Thomas Mayor of Ontario and his Roll20 Dungeons & Dragons group! I’ve been trying to figure out Roll20’s tutorials for my own gaming and Thomas gave me a most kind jumpstart. Many thank yous!

Khalla continues her quest in Merakor but progress is slow. I am tempted to magically travel the group to the Tower of Aler Alerest, or break the book into two at the point. It makes me wonder if Tolkien felt this way with the eagles in The Hobbit and had to tell himself, “No, future memes may mock but there is a story afoot here!”

Kallis is, of course, up to no good and is about to infiltrate Stone in his quest for a mage host for Joviel’s soul.