How Dragons Feel

The Tanian dragons love treasure. More than gold, they love the furious emotions that burn in the hearts of those who love them. For, while amassing treasure Smaug-style is nice, having treasure that loves and adores you back is far more interesting. It’s what makes these dragons different in their mentoring of the Tanian people.

Virginia was cold end of 2017. We had family visit and did pictures. My three-year-old was freezing and so I held her. A blue dragon wouldn’t hug a child. They’d do something magical so the child would feel warm. A silver dragon would have rescheduled the pictures to summer. I am my daughter’s dragon.

Genevieve’s Shiver
When it’s freezing cold,

And chill bites your toes,
A gold dragon would cherish,
A red dragon would treasure,
A black dragon would guard,
A white dragon would love,
Their shivering daughter.