This Creation is laughable. If Pha Rann wanted perfection, he failed. Look at all the war. Look at all the sin. This god claims to be holy and that other one says, "How dare you!" Opposition flourishes. That is the legacy of creation. When I look at it, I see my path. I am the Rebel. I am the Opposer. I am the thief who comes openly into your house in the bright sun. You can beg, but I am not here to steal your things. I am here to take your life. It offends me that you live and grovel. You are all beggars waiting for the scraps of Heaven. You make me sick. 
There is no fight worth fighting except in Opposition. Pha Rann and Creation's stated goal is only achievable when they are all dead. Any being who so arrogantly claims perfection and has failed this badly, must needs die. I will take my sword, it's name is Rebellion, and I will drive it through the very Sun itself. "Curse me in vain," I say to you. "Curse me and die." 


Kargoth and Cuthbert are rumored to have been brothers. At some point, no one knows how, they grew apart. Where Cuthbert grew to believe Tehra stained by influence of Chaos and Warp, Kargoth grew to believe that every god's purpose could be satisfied in Tehra... that Tehra would be a battle ground of divine wills.

Kargoth recruits a quorum of paladins from all gods and they follow him for a time after their deaths. Also named the Paladin God of Wrath, Kargoth shuns the use of avatars and intervenes himself when the stakes are high.

Kargoth and those who serve him are not evil... though they may serve evil gods. Kargoth's philosophy is "only in death will your god see your true worship." Paladins serving outside Heaven, like Malcor for example, cross Kargoth's dominion and derive their unique powers from Kargoth. The firesword, a divine steed, resistance to magic and poison, and the continuation of their powers in other realms... these come from Kargoth.

Kargoth is also named the God of Swords, as he never appears with the same sword twice and often will gift his sword to a paladin that impresses him. Kargoth has a tendency to go berserk in battle and fight until he is dead, or is rescued by his entourage.