Khalla’s Play 2: Disakcion Cover Reveal

Even though Disakcion is only 70% done as a first draft, Darko was able to take a crack at the cover. Let me know what you think! My goal is to have this ready for publication by November 2019.

Khalla's Play 2; Disakcion
Book Cover for Khalla’s Play 2

Shown battling before an altar of Lolth, Khalla faces off against Ynsal Cx, Holy Matriarch of House Rudan in the Underdark. The geared legs visible in the altars construction are so that sacrifices can be suspended over the main body for blood letting. This is done while the target is being healed for as long as the priestess wishes.

Khalla’s bloodstones are visible and active. The earring allows her to communicate with her team. The one behind her neck, the Marcello Stone, is the mark of her leadership role as head of Morbatten’s Thieves Guild, Perdition.

I’m having a lot of fun writing this book. The story is coming together really nicely. I’m not going to lie though. In NaNoWriMo ’18, it hurt to scratch the entire thing and start from scratch. But, I’m glad I did!