Khalla’s Play 2: Disakcion Progress

I’m 115,000 words into the sequel to Khalla’s Play, which continues the timeline of Malcor’s Story >> Bomoki’s Gate. My cover artist is engaged in portraying the scene and – it’s one of my favorite moments in writing. I’m not going to lie… writing is really fun. Editing is less fun but necessary. However, there’s something magical about the cover art work. I’m still months from being done with a complete draft, but wow. I just got a sketch of Khalla as a dark elf.

You see, for Tanians to leave the Forsaken Isles, all kinds of things have to happen. To travel in Merakor, an entire continent controlled by the Dark Elves, they had to be polymorphed and geased to be Dark Elves. And more! Poor Veralyx… through a truce with Lolth, all of her faith is redirected to Lolth and she doesn’t even remember. In the story, where I’m writing, she’s up against a powerful Holy Matriarch for one of the Drow kingdoms, an ancient mother named Ynsal Cx. The poor lady cannot fathom why Veralyx’s faith keeps manifesting as fire when it should be spiders.

Khalla’s group, Disakcion, has its hands full on Merakor. Too much time has passed for Daryx to give them even accurate information. They’re getting by in a world where might makes right and the cagey Drow enjoy powerful friends, but how long will it last before their story of having come back from a safari come under more intense scrutiny? I mean, all they want to do is figure out what Ynt’taris’ treasure map has waiting for them, right?