Khalla’s Play – Official Release Date Jan 1, 2018, highly reviewed

  • Pick up Khalla’s Play on Amazon here… 487 pages. 200k words. Free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers. $5.99 eBook. $16.75 paperback
  • Like all Forsaken Isles books, you do not need to read others to enjoy this one. However, if you read Bomoki’s Gate, the characters and themes in Khalla’s Play will make more sense
  • The eBook is free from Tues Jan 2 to Fri Jan 5, 2018
  • To celebrate Khalla’s Play, Dar Tania I is being steeply discounted to $0.99 during this same time period
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War rages around the corpse of a dead god. 

Join Khalla, a young elf and master thief, in a quest for her guild to control the
black market for the dead god’s body. When friend turns on friend and allies
backstab each other, Khalla unearths an ancient horror hidden under the city of Taysor.