Khalla’s Play – The Editing. Dec 12, 2017 update

A quick search on Google for “help me write” yields 473M results. The same search on “help me edit” gives a meager 377M and it takes 0.2 seconds longer to find fewer results. Though not super helpful in my argument that editing is painful and sucks, it is telling that there is a measurable difference. Khalla’s Play will be as long as Malcor’s Story and covers an epic scope that was a lot of fun to write. In editing, I’m having to painstakingly pick apart my own work. As you might expect, there are parts that I love. There are parts I read and I wonder at what point I reverted to a 1st grader who could not put words together in cogent sentences.

I love writing. I’m so excited to bring you all Khalla’s Play. My editors are awesome and the ARC feedback was much appreciated. KP is going to be so much better for everyone’s contributions. Tony and Ben have been champs and now, it’s my turn… to edit and edit. There are already some parts I want to expand. Without spoiling anything, and for alert readers, this should come as no surprise.

More Ynt’taris, the Ice Patriarch. Ynt’taris, if you’ve read his page here, has a different agenda than the other Dread Lords. He keeps his own counsel and finds his own motivations to participate in Morbatten. Did you really think, at the end of Bomoki’s Gate, he would just be like, “Here. Treasure map. Enjoy yourselves” and be off? He always has a hidden agenda! Half the fun of Ynt’taris is sleuthing that agenda out.

More RiVule. RiVule is a fun and new character that illuminates the Orcs of the Quat. Tolkien gave us Orcs. And, I weep for what a trope they have become since. They’re the WWE of fantasy. Sighs. Orcs, like the other sentient races, have their own place and RiVule begins finding it in the aftermath of Orcus’ death. Surprise – they have a culture and a religion that is every bit the equal of the other races. And, because they didn’t flee from Merakor, they have no nascent past darkening their way of thinking.

More monster trope bending. In each of my books, I have presented a case for a monster as more than a monster. Part of this is that I miss the “Ecology of…” from old Dragon Magazines. The other is that I want monsters to make sense in a world of gods and magic. They have to make ecological sense. After all, no high fantasy empire would allow its citizens to co-exist with citizen-hungry monsters along its borders and roads. Heck, most of these monsters would not allow themselves to co-exist and they’d fall into intercine warfare and consumption until they self-extincted. We’ve hit the Slaadi, Hill Giants, some Orcs, Hags, Medusa/Gorgons, Liches, Ogres, Dragons of all kinds, Mind Flayers, and I’m pleased to announce that KP will bring: vampires, mimics, dopplegangers, and thri-keen. Oh, and Elves don’t have crazy pointed ears. That’s just insane and it doesn’t make sense at all. There’s not a single creature in our world with crazy tube ears. I’m looking at you Japanese anime elves.

Art credit to this photographer and cosplayer for doing elves the right way. This is a good look and one Khalla would recognize.

Photographer Credit to Hans Peter Vasgard. Model: not known. Attempts to get permission went unanswered.