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Krentismar is the god of the planet Tehra, not the Tehran Universe. Krentismar is the racial god of the thri-keen and is why the drow cannot find the Forsaken Isles. After all, gods in their own dominion and throneplane get to make their own rules. In this regard, Krentismar is a caretaker of Tehra for Creation.

Mallaforax is a disciple of Krentismar and tends to the world trees on Krentismar's behalf. Many elves worship Krentismar as well. The Isle of Mondsa bears the Temple of Krentismar, but it would be more accurate to say that the Isle itself is the Temple. It looks like an untouched sylvan paradise of bucolic streams, world trees, and forest creatures. Free of Set's Dream, forest creatures that might otherwise be hostile, are not and co-exist in a cycle of predator and prey with everything and everyone else. Mondsa is guarded by a green dragon eldar nicknamed Jade, who pledged to Krentismar rather than Tiamat.

Krentismar has clerics and druids and rangers who worship him, but it is a causal faith as the very cycles of weather and Tehra's spin around the Daystar power this dominion. Respect for the natural, hatred of extraplanar (when evil) and distrust when even benign, drive Krentismar worshippers to seek out similar places throughout Tehra and the universe and dedicate them as Groves to Krentismar.

Just like hostile creatures become docile and "natural" on Mondsa, creatures enterring Groves (really the world trees) are released from Set's Dream for a time. They become intelligent, able to converse, and if possible consecrate themselves to Krentismar. Like waking from a dream and not trusting it, truly evil and chaotic creatures cannot stand the quiet, security, and peace... not because it's unpleasant but because they cannot trust something so different from how their entire lives have been. When this happens, they are escorted far away and when they wake up, they remember the dream as a strange and pleasant one.

The fey prefer to live in the Groves and many regard Krentismar as the father of the fey. They might worship Krentismar though there are other gods that claim the fey.


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"Do not agree to this, Alerius, unless you intend to live and die by all it implies. You and all those who would accompany you here shall be bound to this sacred trust, and all the generations of their progeny shall be born into it, from now until the day I release you, or until the Heavens and the Abyss cease."
- Krentismar