Paladin of Tiamat, Member of the Order of Water, Smith, Berserker, Shadow Dragon

First Appearance: Malcor's Story
“I choose the path of sacrifice. I have much to learn. The more difficult path is my destiny. I would be a paladin.”


Malcor with his sword, Coming Undone

Born in 1782 DAR, Malcor spent his early years moving from foster home to foster home. His large size, brooding intelligence, and unassuming nature made it easy for him to be trivialized. When he turned 9, a passing priestess tested him and found him unusually strong in his faith. She reported it to the Temple and subsequent investigation detected him as a son of Kell, the high priest at Morbatten. During this time, it was believed that most of Kell's bastard offspring had been killed. Because of the Sister Prophecy though, when children were found, they were immediately placed into Daryx's care.

Malcor is wide and stocky. An accident at the forge scarred his head and burned all but a few of his hairs off permanently. He keeps those parts shaved now and prefers to wear a helmet, head wrap, or to just go bald. Subsequent combat wounds dragged those scars down the back of his neck along his spine. In a world rife with magical healing, Malcor is an exception to the rule. He knows he looks ghastly. His unassuming nature as a child turned into a healing introspective one where Malcor seeks to understand the world through his faith, himself through testing his limits, and above all else, his dream of being a paladin.

To bring Malcor closer to the capitol, Daryx placed him with Ishan and Michelle, a blacksmith family in Klenna. There, Malcor demonstrated unusual aptitude for forge work. By the time he was 12, the boy began falling into a fugue state. The quality of work from this state exceeded anything ever produced by the forge. Word spread of the prodigy at the Klennan forge of House Tor. At 14, as is Malcor's right, he sought to enter the Coming of Age ceremony where he would declare himself a paladin. The master of House Tor conspired to prevent him.

Frustrated and seeing that this would continue until he aged out of acceptance as a paladin, Malcor constructed two special items: a rectangular sword and a black dragon statue of cast iron. The sword would become known as the Apprentice's Sword and began to draw attention for other knights who wished to buy it. It brought a lot of business to the Armory, but the paladins realized that only the boy could actually work magic into the metal. Daryx watched all of this, and on Malcor's 19th birthday sent word to all of the Circle about Kell's son.

This resulted in most of the Circle and many dread lords attending that ceremony. There, all witnessed Malcor do things a normal blacksmith should not be able to do:
- Dance with the paladins
- Step out of Time's flow
- Kill a R'Dar ranked duelist, his employer Tor

Dar Shara sent Malcor onto the Temple where Malcor successfully gained entry to the highest order, the Order of Water. Within, he broke records in his 1st and 2nd rites:
- 1st Rite. He met and matched Ynt'taris at the summit of Dragon Mountain. Other initiates are usually found by Ynt'taris before they freeze to death and long before they summit.
- 2nd Rite. Malcor lasted 5 days of continuous fighting to the death, healing, resurrection... to the point that the Order of Water had to contract other clerics to continue the rite. The record before this was 2.5 days.
- Though technically not a rite, more of a formality, Malcor was ordered to defeat a mighty foe. Malcor faced the Khasran lich, and a Wand of the Jade God.
- There is an optional 3rd Rite: Convert a dragon to Tiamat. Malcor is credited with Cor'tanos' conversion though Malcor disagrees with this and aspires to undertake this quest, just like his predecessor, King Rojo I.