"Where the patriarchs are aligned strongly to Tiamat, Mallaforax is actually aligned to both Tiamat and the god of these isles and world, Krentismar."
- Dar Tania, Dar Tania II: Set's Dream

Mallaforax is a bit different from the other patriarchs. Though he gave up his consort to Tiamat, he had already pledged himself to another god, Krentismar, when the Dragon Wars came. Because Mallaforax had this other allegiance, Alerius swayed Tiamat to allow it. Though there are many green "patriarchs," Tanians understand this term to mean Mallaforax, because he is the one who gave up his consort, where the others refused... and fell into Time.

Mallaforax represents the dominion of dragons in nature. When injustice taints the heart of the fey or the natural order, the passion in their souls cries out to Mallaforax... and Tiamat derives a druidic order from this. Additionally, Mallaforax mastered druidic magic before Time and saved the eldar trees, called world trees. World trees are interesting because their roots bridge the center of planets. They are unique and, unless slain, are immortal. They affix Tehra against the onslaughts of Chaos and Warp. Though not aligned with Creation (they lack sentience), they are of Creation. Treants and other intelligent natural order creatures, like the fey, derive their nature from the eldar that became world trees as a way of eluding death when Time began to flow.

Mallaforax was given guardianship of the Merakoran elven refugees, who built a stadium around him and the world tree central to Morilon. Mallaforax is so nestled into that tree's roots that most of him is now unseen. Mallaforax experiences the world through the trees. In his element and anchored near any world tree, Mallaforax is a god. In the early days of Morbatten, one of the Halflings, Brook, became the first druid since Merakor to study with Mallaforax. Her work with the mighty green dragon rekindled interest in rangers and druids, which waned since the refugees came to the Isles. While there were many human and elven fighters who claimed the term 'ranger,' none of them truly held druidic powers. Brook changed that and launched a proxy escalation of nature magic between the empires as the worship of Krentismar, at last, became real for the Morilon and Taysor.

The ranger Bruce, in the writing released by Syliri later, tell about the ranger's conversion from Pha Rann to Krentismar and his pilgrimage to Mallaforax. A poignant tale, it underscores some of the preconceived and false notions held by Taysor about colored dragons. The story says that Mallaforax showed Bruce a hint of what might some day happen should the world trees blosson worldwide as they did for the eldar. That same writing notes that there is another green patriarch on the Isles. Known by the alias "Jade," that green serves Krentismar as the head of the Slayers. Bruce speculated that, should the two ever fight, the setting would determine who would win. The same way that Mallaforax is omnipotent near a world tree, Jade is omnipotent on ground sacred to Krentismar, i.e. the Isles themselves.