Morilon exists in the heart of the Tsora Isle in a vast and ancient hardwood forest. Rivers, streams, and pools of cascading water mark the southern half of Morilon where fey creatures reside. The northern half is darker, and heavier feeling. The center area is where Mallaforax, the green dragon patriarch has lived for aeons nestled in the roots of a great world tree sacred to Krentismar. When Vel Pajor arrived, the elves with him breathed a collective sigh of relief. The forest, though different than the Merakoran triopolis, welcomed them with a freshness and splendor that made them feel at home. Vel Pajor, bitter about having to leave Merakor, used what magic resources he had left to create a palace after the manner of his ancient home in Havkor. It is a 1 day’s walk from the world tree.

The Sylvan and High Elves, both of whom were at a breaking point with the gray elves, left. The Sylvans settled the southern extremity of the forest as far away from Vel as possible. The high elves took advantage of the natural boundary of the world tree and Mallaforax and went to the north. They settled into the trees and retained a close alliance with the Sylvan elves. Over time, the differences among the three groups faded as Vel successfully used the dragon’s presence as a common foe. Every once in a while, elves from the Sylvan or High Nations will see through this and leave to join Tania or settle in Haven.

The Imperial Palace of Morilon is a sprawling marble compound seamlessly woven into the tapestry of the forest. High towers rise up like needles to pierce the forest canopy. Some of the trees have platforms built onto them that have become part of the marble building. Glassless windows and tall arched ceiling along wide corridors are broken up along their walkways into courtyards where sunlight, flowers, and fountains sparkle. It is idyllic and the gray elven version of ‘perfect nature.’ It makes Sylvan elves itch with its assertion of order. It makes high elves feel uneasy as there are no defensible points or safe retreats. Entering the throne chamber, a rainbow streaked obsidian throne looks down on any who enter. A balcony rims three sides of the chamber where guards pace with long bows at the ready. A pool of water opens up to a glass portal to the sky and emanates a quiet sense of magic. Looking into the pool, it is said that visions of Merakor’s glory will appear.

A day’s march north of the Palace, Vel Pajor constructed and then abandoned mid-way, a giant colosseum looking north and east around the green patriarch. Still showing unfinished areas where scaffolds collapsed ages ago, a constant guard is kept there to alert the king should Mallaforax stir or threaten the elves. Though Mallaforax has not ever attacked the elves, it is a paranoid belief maintained by Vel’s propaganda machine. Some credence was given with the bloodstone gem threats from Morbatten. The world tree flowers and the elves try to cultivate the seeds, yet not a single seed has ever blossomed for them… and they resent Mallaforax for this blight.

Roadways are worked throughout Morilon that are virtually invisible unless one is standing on them. The divider between north and south is called the Crossing. Crossing runs laterally west to east and marks a clear road in and out of Morilon on the eastern side. The western side, against the ocean is the wilderness of Sorinor. Giants and monster races hostile to the elves have dug in and fortified Sorinor. It is a no-man’s land.