New Art and New Novella in Next Newsletter

If you haven’t yet, please drop me your email address on Facebook or through the Contact form of the FI website. Newsletter subscribers get free PDF/MOBI access to exclusive content that is later distributed for sale on Kindle Unlimited. You’ll get sneak peaks into new projects and an eye on discounts and sales before they happen.

The last two stories in the FI Creation Anthology are ready to rock and roll. Then third one, The Blue Sun Staff, will be available for newsletter subscribers August 25th. It tells a story contemporary to the events of Bomoki’s Gate. The Cuthberic Order of Holy Knights have a different plan for the clash against Orcus. When a god falls, something will take its place after all.

Between now and October ’18, a paperback compilation of these four novellas will be ready for sale. Though my work on the Slaad Board Game, tentatively titled “Domination,” has paused during this work, I’ve had fun working on an urban fantasy vampire project. This will be outlined in more detail in the newsletter. I’m contemplating a Kickstarter project for it, courtesy of illustrator Mike. Here’s a scene from it: