New e-Book: The Blue Sun Staff, available for Free until Oct 1, 2018

The Blue Sun Staff shares the story of Lionel, a young paladin in the Holy Cuthberic Order. Concerned with their rival’s growing power in the war against the Abyss, the Cuthberics set in place a contingent strategy to ensure the Tanians do not usurp the God of Undeath with one more favorable to Tania. While the destruction of an Abyssal power appeals to everyone in Taysor, the Cuthberics cannot bring themselves to trust their ancient foes. The Tanians must have a different end game.

Lionel has only been in the Order for a year when he joins a small team to seek out and use a relic of tremendous power. Able to discern the true intentions of those opposed to Good, the Blue Sun Staff shows them the truth of the Tanian plan, and pits them against a trio of vampires so powerful they may as well be gods themselves. When the Abyss becomes Lionel’s battlefield and the heroes he worshipped as a child begin falling, Lionel will be tested against his own integrity – youthful lust for glory or righteous focus on what is true and blessed? If you have studied FI, this is the first immortality rite, by the way.

To celebrate the release of the third novella, it will be available via Amazon Kindle as a free download until October 1st. You may also notice it does not have any reviews. Thanks Amazon for removing reviews by anyone with any social media connections; punish authors for connecting with fans much? Anyway, I’d love some reviews. Have at it. I’d love to hear from you.