"You do not fight evil for the purpose of defeating it. You do so for your own glory and purpose."

Oranstakar, the Gold. The Oracle of Taysor. The Royal Counselor. The Watcher.

The Allegiance of Blood requires a balance between the races and dragons on the Forsaken Isles. Initially, and because only "good" races came to the Isles from Merakor, a single gold dragon served as balance to Alerius. However, the Tanian Dragons have earned more and more dragons on the Isles through their devout pursuit of destroying evil and also in protecting the Isles and its peoples.

Oranstakar is an ancient but fallen gold, who assumes the form of an old man in golden robes when interacting with the royal family of Taysor. Skilled in magic, Oranstakar watches, studies, and plays the strategic game of pointing Alerius in helpful directions and ensuring that Taysor remains as good as a human society can be. A story is recorded by the Sage Alaura that tells of a trip made by Dar Tania to the Oracle. A priestess of Tiamat had never happened on Tehra before and Oranstakar invited her, through the Winter War, to visit him. Alaura describes how Dar wished to convert him, and the Oracle wished to convert her to the All Father. While the actual discussions are not written, acolytes to the Sage did write about the meeting as told by Alaura years later. Even Dar spoke of it, though always fondly. The two accounts seem to match.

They discussed the Dragon Wars and the state of the fallen dragons. This doctrine is a common one in Tiamat's scripture, that the All Father abandoned the metallics to be murdered by Time. Oranstakar is said to have held forth his wrinkled hands and said, "Yes, Time takes a toll. But, consider the gift Time has been to you and your people. Once you could barely walk or talk. Then, you learned how to put one foot in front of the other until one day you tamed the beast that is Alerius. Now, at your call, Tiamat blesses your people with incessant warfare. Without Time, where would you and your people be, hmmm?"

After days of talking, they both agreed to keep in touch. Those who visit Oranstakar tell of a special book gifted him by Dar Tania in which the Oracle preserved the various letters she sent to him. The Temple holds the same received by Dar. In the same way that Sean and Bruce helped shape Dar Tania's understanding of leadership and mortal aspiration, Oranstakar clearly had an impact in the shape of the Temple as organized by Dar Tania. Alerius, for his part, never interfered in the relationship - perhaps friendship - between the two. The only time the god emperor ever touched on it is recorded in a confrontation between Alerius and Dar Ana where the he is said to have raged at her, "Maybe you should spend time with Oranstakar like your precious Dar if you are ever to appreciate the diamond that is humanity's soul."

Though Alerius himself rarely has pleasant dealings with Oranstakar, they will unite when the Allegiance of Blood is at risk, or when either feels the character of their respective empires warrants it. Part of their interactions is a clear understanding, reinforced by the Allegiance, that Morbatten is to never encroach on Taysor and vice versa. In 800 DAR, and at the hands of Dar Ana and Daryx, Morbatten besieged Taysor's walls and threatened to absorb the country. Alerius and Oranstakar both intervened to prevent war. This very public and well recorded instance of cooperation is often cited by both empires as they wrangle over trade and other matters.