Possession Magic

woman holding chalice with robe wrapped around the head

Bomoki’s Gate and the next Merakor book will continue to expand on the importance of possession magic. While FI already addresses how magic works in this world, possession has some uniqueness to it. Western culture in our world, and eastern approaches this in weird ways. Whether you consume your possession experiences through movies, comics, or what have you, they tend to fall into these types:

  • Total – a foreign entity has completely taken control. The former person is no longer there
  • Hybrid – the foreign entity co-exists with the hosts and they often struggle for control
  • Barely There/Parasitic – the foreign entity wields influence under certain circumstances

FI has all three of these active at different times, but there has never been a god of it until the aftermath of Bomoki’s Gate, when Nientro claims it. Told there and in The Blue Sun Staff novella from a different point of view, it is described as “soul transference” and “a most evil dominion that cannot be allowed to exist without a counter.”

I think it’d be insidious to have a possessing force in your mind prompting you, manipulating you, controlling you. The motivations, unknown and untrusted/untested… how frightening. One of the characters in the next Merakor story becomes possessed in this way and as I write him, I just feel sorry for him. Poor guy.