Sand Castles – 3 Types of People

I was at the beach with the family, Saturday 8/18/18, and a sand castle exercise made me aware of (again) a core dynamic in the FI pantheon… that is, there are:

  • Builders
  • Destroyers
  • Changers

Obviously, all life cannot be so condensed or trivialized, but it is interesting to look at religion this way. The gods of the Forsaken Isles definitely conform into these but the more interesting ones are the borderline cases of near/almost-crossover. At the end of the day though, why is it so fun to destroy sand castles? Building them with my daughters, I had a lot of fun building them and seeing if they could withstand the surf. Part of the fun though was knowing that, at some point, my 4-year-old would come and destroy it all. When we had 17 towers, that was where she could not resist it anymore. She’s 4 though… a year ago, she would not have lasted between building tower #1 and #2. Why is this sooooo much fun?

The part of the human spirit that enjoys this is Chaos. The builder is Creation. The part that encourages the child to destroy, or helps the surf destroy a wall… that is Warp.