Scrying Magic is more than a Crystal Ball. Meet Corth K’Ven, God of Scrying and Lord of Wyverns

I’d like to introduce you to the God of Scrying, Corth K’Ven. Because you’re read the books and perused FI’s content, you know that Corth is an ascended human mage of Merakor who apprenticed to Alerius before the Kinslayer Wars. You might even know that Corth was a genius for scrying and, at first, Alerius dismissed Scrying as a legitimate sorcery. Corth began his Ascension Rite at the Temple of Glass in the pre-dawn of the Kinslayer Wars.

Corth arose in dominion with Tiamat as his sponsor; She granted him dominion over the Wyverns. You see, Wyverns in most RPGs are these weirdly weak dragons that act like a flying velociraptor chicken with a poison tail sting. In FI, fallen wyverns might resemble this. In the Eldar days though, wyverns were weaker dragons who had barely survived encounters with Set and Set’s spawn. They rallied to Tiamat and found sanctuary in the Endless Skies when Time moved.

Corth is the Lord of Wyverns and the God of Scrying. I am pleased to introduce this art rendering by Mike Smith. Corth and the wyvern, Osachar, act as a single ascended god; one aspect for Scrying and another for the Wyverns and each with a distinct persona.

Corth and Osachar surf the Endless Skies

Scrying is how mages, of any kind, attain information and knowledge from afar. It does not rely on other beings. At certain levels of skill, scrying becomes two-way and can enable other senses than sight. However, it is fundamentally limited by Nexal constraints. That is, scrying within a being’s domain is at whatever effort is required. To scry into other realms of existence is the same principle as traveling between realms. Corth, as the God of Scrying, is the only entity able to circumvent this.

Additionally, since Corth’s ascension, a new type of wizard has been appearing. Priests of Corth, that is Scriers. These adepts of scrying are capable of feats with crystal balls and other forms of sensory capture (and misdirection) that had never been heard of before. Corth has empowered a new form of mage war: information and disinformation. Scriers are commonly recognized by the cloth bandages wrapping their eyes and the clear quartz sphere token they hold or use as adornments. The bending of light in gemstones is hypnotic to them. Their power is gentle but powerful in a way equal to the sword as they are able to direct where the sword can strike for devastating effect.

Corth holds a special place in his heart for Morbatten and is even rumored to be in love with Dar Ana.