"The Commander," Paladin of Pha Rann, Military Envoy to the new Empire of Morbatten

First Appearance: Dar Tania
“Some knights go on epic quests. I am called to bring forth an empire to defeat Set. I am content with this calling.”

A Taysoran high-ranking paladin in the Pha Rannic Order of Pragmatists, Sean joined Morbatten after a divine visitation from his god explaining that a fight was coming against Set, and that Morbatten was to be the Spear and Taysor the Shield.

The Pragmatist Order requires its members to hold true to the doctrines of Pha Rann, while pledging to rid the world of evil. Recognizing that evil is not always defeatable with a sword, they are also challenged to "increase the world's Good." Against this, followers of the Pragmatist make personal vows as covenants with Pha Rann. Some are very strict, like Sean's vow of chastity and daily religious regimen. These personal vows become the basis of channeling and holding onto their paladin powers.

Seeing that Tiamat, through Dar, would build its own paladin corps, Sean took it on himself to stay in Morbatten in hopes of instilling Pha Rannic principles of Pride, Honor, and Opposition to Evil as foundational principles. He felt that he could influence both Dar Tania and the god emperor Alerius to create a religion that, though in service to Tiamat, would become a positive impact on the world. Tanian values of "opposition to Evil makes us Good," "brutal methods but positive outcomes," "accountability increases as one's experience and power increase," and "obey Tiamat but always follow your conscience" are all ideas Sean built into the early classes of paladins. Because those classes trained alongside the early priestesses, it became part of this as well. This dichotomy of "Something Tiamat's doctrine but personal integrity" became a catechism that continues even today in Morbatten amongst the paladins.

In the time of the 19th Legion, Sean is remembered as the first paladin, father of the knighthood, and the model by which priestesses hope to find a father for their children. He is revered as a hero by both Tania and Sora, even if Tania has chosen to forget that Sean served a different god than Tiamat. Sean and Dar had a daughter, named Seline, before he passed away. Several hundred years later, when Dar Tania grew weary of Tehra, she called her closest sisters together and spoke to them about Sean. Her words became the beginning of the Book of Paladins. "By Tiamat's will, I have had many children with many paladins," Dar told them. "Stories have criss-crossed the world and generations later, Sean is forgotten. I do not wish to leave Tehra before setting things straight. In my long life, not a single paladin approached Sean's wisdom, vigilance, faithfulness, and love. Without Sean, we may have lost ourselves as Duty replaced Love and Obedience replaced Virtuous Obedience. I still love Sean and my heart aches to be with him. My soul aches knowing that I will never be with him. He no doubts serves his god in heaven as a fiery angel and I go to serve Tiamat as her fiery avatar in hell. I love him." She then turned to Seline and gave her Sean's sword. "The Lord Marshall Tomeist asked me to give this to you so that the High Priestess of Morbatten always might carry a reminder that, though we serve Tiamat, by our actions does Tehra become more heavenly."

Dar Ana objected to this and asked, "I am the most powerful of the priestesses, Dar. Though I honor the family bond..."

Dar Tania is said to have embraced Ana and said, "I said the Temple of Morbatten. You, my great student, are destined for a new Temple."

When Tanian paladins conduct themselves heroically against great evil or act with uncommon integrity, they are said to have been blessed by the Great Captain Sean.

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