“Alerius is fascinated by mortal magic. I have different interests.”

Spark, Patriarch of Lightning Dragons

Spark is the 3rd Founder of Morbatten and serves as the Patriarch of Lightning and Storms.

Known affectionately as Spark, the blue dragon patriarch encountered Alerius and allied with him long before Time moved. Perhaps sensing a kindred spirit for interest in magic, Spark apprenticed and learned mortal magic as taught by Alerius. In the Dragon Wars, most lightning-breathers joined the All Father in ascending to Heaven and became the Silver Dragons.

Blue dragons, such as they are, tend to be isolated and prefer solitude high in clouds and stormy places of the world. For the most part, they are not aware of Spark as their patriarch or Tiamat's plans. Most Tanian knights who quest to convert a dragon, seek out blues, blacks, and greens. For blue dragons, once they encounter Spark, the difference between them results in instant conversion to Tiamat.

Spark watches over the Gnome survivors of Merakor on the Forsaken Isles. He guides their studies and participates in their experiments with machines, technology, and the advancement of knowledge. Different from Alerius, Spark is fascinated by the beauty of gears, the allure of knowledge, and the generational advancement of learning. Also different from Alerius and Ynt'taris, Spark is not titanic and appears most closely to what most mortals would recognize as a dragon. In human form, Spark appears as an unassuming blue-robed mage. In Malcor's era, Spark heads the Mages and Alchemy Guilds.

Where Ynt'taris appears side by side with Alerius and is viewed as a peer, Spark is most often in the background of the other two. Apprenticed to Alerius too long ago to measure, Spark retains a deferential attitude to Alerius and is only known to be assertive within his own projects. The Worldshift Gate, later to be called "Bomoki's Gate," and many of the elemental magics used throughout Tania are credited to Spark.