The classic fantasy dwarf is the Dwarf of Stone. They dwell in a vast undermountain city named Stone, after the leader who brought them from Merakor. Unlike the humans, the dwarves committed everything they had against the Drow. Their refugees consisted of warriors that had not yet died. They brought their military culture to their new home in the center south of the Isle of Tsora. It allowed them to keep an eye on the Orcs of the Quatt, the barbarians that would someday become Morbatten, and the central area of Tsora was rich in precious metals.

With dwarf-like efficiency, they instituted regulations to increase population, build their city, and get to work making things dwarfs care about. As their craft improved, Alerius traded with them. The dwarves did not know that the black dragon patriarch Screem watched over them. He had settled in that area too, and for the same reasons. Over time, a few of them began to study and worship Krentismar. Most of Stone worships Joust, though it is a very relaxed worship. They view Merakor’s fall as a classic human tendency to overstep ones natural bounds. The widespread worship of Pha Rann, when Heaven is clearly shared, is – they say – what brought about Merakor’s fall. The Drow were just the tool of destruction. While not atheists or agnostics, they are leery of religion though they respect the office of cleric for the blessings it brings.