Minotaurs are not native to the Isles. Only those of Imperial blood, minotaurs with red fur, have been bound to the Allegiance of Blood. They navigate the world galleons under sponsorship by Alerius and bound to Krentismar. The process for coming and leaving the Isles is complex. The ship crews are kept in the dark. While the AOB affects them, they do not know that the Isles are any different or special than other places they go to.

Taurans are the only race and civilization in Tehra during Morbatten that can travel the world non-magically. They do this on giant ships of stone with massive sails. The ships are kept afloat by stone mages and weather control is used to move them. The dock at an island off Tania’s eastern coast and ferry cargo on smaller boats, lifted by locks, to the Dockside part of the capitol. The Taurans are fascinated by Alerius and the court of Patriarchs and will only trade through Morbatten.

Taurans worship the Hell Lord Baphtomet, culturally. Only the priests and the royal family take the worship seriously. All Taurans however take the matter of non-Taurans respecting their religion with deadly seriousness. If a Tauran ever feels that someone is disrespecting their faith or their god… let’s be honest, their resemblance to cattle, their food, their smell, or they’re just wanting to fight, they will.

Not much is known about Kronos, but it is accepted in Morbatten that these things are true:

  • Tauran alcohol is a toxic poison
  • Taurans are violent berserkers; keep your distance
  • Taurans hate minotaurs who they consider to be unwanted outcasts
  • There are no adventuring female minotaurs; females are not discussed. There is a book that describes them as chattel, used for breeding, and valued only for the achievements of viable male offspring
  • Taurans do not have names until they achieve some feat. At that point, they chose a name reflecting the feat or based on their job. Names like “StoneSmith” or “Whale Puncher” are common. Weather and astronavigational names are reserved for the Imperial family, like North Star, or East Wind.
  • Red fur is rare to the Imperial bloodline, which is headed by the first minotaur to worship Bapthomet, and be blessed. Most Taurans have gray or dark brown fur.