Tellest – new game, Quantum Quest is out, and Dar Tania is along for the ride as a premium member!

Besides the Court of Patriarchs, no other character is more central to the Tanian psyche than Dar Tania. She was the first to ride Alerius, the fire dragon, to see Tiamat, to ascend, to create the nation… that bears her name. She was the first human to which a colored dragon begged for help… see Set’s Dream, to save Syliri. Her protege, Dar Ana, took her name and sought to emulate her always, eventually becoming the goddess incarnated as mortal that Ana saw her as. Tania built the Temple at Morbatten and set the stage for all of the revelations that continue to drive Morbatten 1,800 years later. Statues of Dar adorn the empire and have even become haute couture in places like Taysor, Khasra, and Haven. Dwarf, elf, and gnome alike know her visage. She is a symbol of what anyone can do, can be if they combine a bit of faith with persistence and mentors/teachers able to fan the fires of that faith.

If you like board games with a fantasy bend, check Quantum Quest out. It’s fun to see how art is made. Can you determine which pose – A, B, or C – became the final pose, Child of Dragons?