Dar Ana

High Priestess of Bloodstone, Rider of Crimson

Dar Ana was the first high priestess to match and exceed Dar Tania. Though only 2 years old (born in 2 DAR) when Dar ascended as high priestess, the girl child Ana entered every priestess test and worshiped Dar as if she were an older sister. Even the dragons conceded that Ana must have been touched by the Goddess. Put into accelerated training at Dar's side, Ana accessed the River of Time by her 10th birthday and began training alongside Dar there while also assisting with the paladin rites.

Ana earned the title of priestess as a 9 year old and set a clear precedent that children could be chosen and built up as heroes. By her 15th birthday, Dar and Ana became inseparable, with Ana often intervening to spare Dar some of the more administrative aspects of building the Morbattanian empire. Though Dar never felt it, Ana was fiercely competitive with Dar seeking to prove herself worthy by besting Dar in everything. Recreating Dar's life, Ana challenged Alerius to the same Coming of Age ceremony on her 19th birthday. She went to Taysor and fell in love with a Pragmatist Knight like Commander Sean. Though the knight did not reciprocate, her chase became an alliance with the Pragmatist Order that benefited Morbatten in the years to follow. When Ana became aware of the imperative to bear the children of heroes, Ana gave up her chase and told Alerius that if she could not love, she would take pleasure from all paladins and let the Goddess decide who were actually worthy to be fathers with her. In this manner, Ana was the first priestess to deviate from Alerius' express instructions to willfully ensure children are born.

Though Dar's aging slowed because of her time spent training out of the River, Dar ultimately refused to prolong her life. She wished to join Sean in the afterlife and did so in 385 DAR. Ana however felt that living as long as possible would allow her to do things Dar never dreamed of. When the First Cascade happened, Ana was away from Morbatten and returned to the total destruction of her home. Vowing that the Jade God would pay, Ana assembled an alliance of Soran paladins and what remained of Morbatten's armies and marched on the Valley of Bloodstone in 425 DAR. This became the "1st Legion." The logistical challenges of reaching Bloodstone with an army proved significant. By the time they reached Bloodstone, they observed that undead worked ceaselessly to construct mighty fortresses, and were keeping humans as livestock.

Though their attack failed, Ana resolved to return with dragons. Her quest to free the eldar red, known as the FlameStar or Crimson Burning, and her subsequent return with a much reinforced army ten years later completed the time of the First Legion. They conquered the First and Second Bloodstone Fortresses, and dug in. Ana never really left Bloodstone after that, choosing to stay and construct the Temple at Bloodstone with Crimson Burning.

Known for her seductive style and strategic mind, Ana relies entirely on her faith for goddess armor and her sword when in combat. As a necromantic cleric, Ana is able to consume the life energy of wounds she inflicts via Tiamat's spells, and re-channel that life energy to her allies at incredible distance. By the time of Malcor, Ana is a legend and functions as an unascended goddess. Her destiny with Tiamat is certain though not written.

Dar Kell

High Priest of the Temple at Morbatten, former Paladin
“I live to serve and obey, god emperor.”

Born in 1740 DAR, Kell joined the paladin ranks and quickly progressed into leadership, fame, and power. His downfall came when a priestess claimed him and they fell in love. They sought an exception to wed, and were denied by the High Priestess. Kell withdrew from public life to secretly honor the marriage they had anyway, and to raise his children. During this time, he studied the scriptures and was visited by Tiamat. He learned that, while Tiamat honored the female priestesses, that it had never been their intention to only have female clerics. Backed by Dar Ana and the dread lords, Kell learned and became the first male cleric of Tiamat. During this time, Alerius instructed him on the 'purple dragon', Cor'tanos, who had withdrawn his clan to the realm of Shadow. Kell quested and claimed a single converted shadow dragon into his own soul. For the shadow dragons could not endure Tehra without aid.

Kell returned to the Temple and sought permission, again, to have his marriage recognized. The High Priestess refused and named Kell a heretic. A civil war, confined to the Temple, ensued though Kell's wife and children were multifixed; multifixion is 'crucifixion many times' until the soul shreds. It drove Kell insane and he escalated the civil war into a genocidal feud that by 1780 saw the Temple at Morbatten's second in command, Dar Shara, slay and offer the high priesthood to Kell. This became known as the Kell Conflict, though only rank members of Morbatten even know it happened.

Sanity eventually returned and Kell serves as an absentee high priest entrusting most functions to the Dar priestesses there. He stays withdrawn, in the shadows, watching and waiting for a day when he will at last be sated in vengeance or taken by Tiamat.

R'Dar Ora

Priestess of the Shrine at Sai R'Dar

R'Dar Ora, Priestess of Ice and wife of King Malcor, before and after her transcendence

Ora, born in 1775 DAR, was rescued from freezing to death by Ynt'taris when very young. Fascinated by the child who so fearlessly embraced the cold, even if not understanding it was killing her, Ynt'taris took her under his wing and, like the ancient sage Alaura, taught and trained her as a high priestess of Ice. Though the ranking leadership of the Temple and the Circle know of her, because she was placed at Sai's estate and mostly stays in seclusion, she is largely unknown in the empire, even after her joining with Malcor Kell'tayris.

Unlike the fire priestesses, who make up 90% of the priesthood, Ora and a small handful of ice priestesses follow the doctrines of Ice, which substitute calm reflection, strategic agendas, and generational outcomes which they view as inevitable destiny. Ora became Ynt'taris' rider and is expected to become the first High Priestess of Ice. Though this faction is not yet touched by Destiny or Prophecy, Ynt'taris is the most secretive of the Dread Lords and it is rumored, even among the Circle, that there is already a Temple of Ice built ages ago awaiting a high priestess able to harness and consecrate its power.

Dar Shara

High Priestess of the Lost Temple of Glass
"It is not a sin to hate the failures of those we love."

Born in 1702 DAR, Shara rose to power in the shadow of Dar Ana, whom she worshipped. Seeking to develop her own unique style, but unable to master necromancy the way Ana did, Shara resigned herself to serving and found a niche in public dance, ceremonies, and other events where Morbatten would benefit from a beautiful face. When the Kell Conflict erupted in 1780 DAR, Shara had risen to being a high ranking member of the Temple at Morbatten and a favorite of Ana. However, her popularity with the soldiers, paladins, and population of Morbatten had her as the easy favorite to be named the next High Priestess at Morbatten.

When Kell triggered the civil war, Shara found herself contacted by Armaggeddon, a previously unknown dread lord watching over the Temple of Glass. They formed a bond and with Arminoth - the dread lord at Morbatten on their side - Shara engineered a coup and delivered the high priestess to Kell, naming him High Priest. This effectively ended the Kell Conflict. Because Kell has not and will likely never recover from the multifixion of his family, Shara administrates the Temple at Morbatten.

There is a prophecy that, one day, the Lost Temple of Glass will be reclaimed on the Merakoran Continent. That gives Morbatten 3 of the 5 required Temples to allow Tiamat to enter Tehra. Underneath her gloss and easy sensuality, Shara has a keen mind focused on re-consecrating the Temple of Glass. This temple, when it was last active, was the site where the patriarchs gave up their consorts to Tiamat.

Dar Tania

First Priestess of Tiamat
"My lord Alerius, Captain Sean, perhaps enough has been said. None of this shakes my faith. I welcome Tiamat's world. I am grateful to hear this exchange. It seems like I have much to learn."

Dar Tania was just another girl in the Horse Tribe of Morbatten when she entered her Coming of Age ceremony. These ceremonies were an important part of the barbarians' tribal culture. Each young person, starting at age 13, would be recommended by their chieftain to endure the dragon totem god, Alerius. Those who lasted longer than others - usually minutes - earned great honor amongst the tribes. The Morbatten calendar is dated from Dar's ascension as the first high priestess. She was born in -17 DAR.

Dar was a younger daughter in an unimportant family. She had to fight for a recommendation. Already being bid for marriage by her chief, Dar wanted something else out of life. She outlasted everyone in her group... and climbed onto Alerius' back! He carried her high into the sky and, scared for her life, she prayed to the dragon totem god for help, but heard Tiamat answering her.

Dar became the first priestess after 3,000 years of tribal breeding to create a person capable of faith and worship. Tiamat changed her physical form to more closely match what the Goddess considered an "ideal priestess" to be Her avatar to Morbatten.