The Healer’s Making Release, Fri March 30, 2018

Fellow Tanians, the novella “The Healer’s Making” is unleashed upon the world. Child of Dragons, come and partake of the mythology that is the fall of Merakor. As a Tanian, you are most fascinated with Merakor’s last days… the how and why such a good empire of righteous peoples was utterly destroyed. If, on the other hand, you are Soran, you are most compelled to understand the building up of Merakor, its role as a peak civilization lost to history and the many heroes who formed the glue of its holy fabric. Human, elf, dwarf, gnome, even orc and other monster races joined into this bright beacon under the King Seat of Lyrion.

An early review calls it a 5 of 5 star “Spellbinding epic.” That made me feel really good. Thanks Celia!

This 41 page novella will take you through the Nameless Priest of Braden’s retelling of the last years before the survivors fled from the ancient city of Gateway to the Forsaken Isles. Now on sale for $0.99 and always free for Kindle Unlimited.

In the twilight of a dying empire, an anti-paladin becomes the unlikely protector
of Merakor’s refugees. In saving them, will he save himself?