Tiamat’s Fountain in the Great Bazaar

Morbatten has two fountains that feature Tiamat. Both are titanic in size and provide free drinking water that flow throughout the city. The one at Dragon North, at the main road intersections closest to the Temple Ascent provide a resting point for pilgrims. Water flows from this fountain southwards and joins the Cordabad River. The Dragon North Fountain is the classic five-headed version of Tiamat looking up at her temple.

Dragon South shows Tiamat in her human female form, as she appeared when she recovered Dar Tania from her priestess selection. In Tanian dogma, Tiamat is the Goddess Consort. The five chromatic dragons are those pledged to Tiamat when Heaven separated itself from the flow of Time, to save the gods from death by aging.

While Tanians acknowledge that, to the rest of the world, Tiamat is an evil Goddess, to them – she is not. Tiamat is misunderstood. To them, she is a warrior goddess fighting for a better world, the only world worth having; one free of death for everyone. Tanians believe they all become dragons in afterlife, if they prove worthy. When Tiamat returns to Tehra, the world will be purged of the unworthy and Tehra will become a dragons’ paradise of predator and prey.

To Tanians, Tiamat is the most desirable woman they can imagine. She is their savior, their selector of priestesses, their mother, their wife, their goddess, their lover, their ruler, their everything and anything that is worth worshipping. Anything and everything sexy and desireable… for me, she is a lover. For women, she is the epitome of what it means to be empowered and adored.

I shy away from the nude female form in my world’s art with but few exceptions, like Tiamat because of how her worshippers see her. The rest of the world does not portray her this way. If portrayed at all, it is usually a dark rendition of the 5-headed dragon.

I’m pleased to show this sketch by illustrator Mike of the Dragon South Fountain:

The Great Fountain, depicting Tiamat’s human form surrounded by her dragon aspects, dominates Morbatten’s central plaza.