Transcendence Festival at the Ending of the Calendar Year

In the dead of winter, during the end of the calendar year, when DAR becomes Next DAR, the people of Morbatten celebrate Transcendence Day. Though widely known that Dar Tania became Tiamat’s priestess at early autumn, they chose to remember it here. Winter nights are long and cold and the people crave company and comfort. Without prompting by the god emperor, they came together and created this holiday. It is celebrated with retelling of the story of the Horse Tribe, of Dar riding Alerius, and of her silver rope that tied her to the Red Patriarch at Tiamat’s behest.

To celebrate, the people carve wooden or paper totems and cast them into bonfires while praying for something they wish to change in the next year. For those skilled at it, feats of ropesmanship and stunts are conducted. Children games of tying each other up and timing escapes are common. Because Tiamat gave the children of dragons a priestess, and healing power… the people give each other tokens of health and strength. Lovers might exchange fertility charms. Children might gift their friends and siblings some remembrance of a prank or injury with hope it does not happen again next year.

This is also Ynt’taris’ favorite time to begin prowling the empire. The Ice Patriarch’s secret gift of safety, rescue, and security to those in dire need as well as his brutal punishment of those harming the next generations is remembered through quiet acts of secret mercy… and vengeance. The Temple encourages secret mercy for all. Vengeance, over time, has come to be sanctioned by the Temple when evidence is presented in advance and at least three priestesses agree to allow it. For the Law of Innocents, Vengeance is a lower form of Vendetta as it applies to the Mighty.